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Defying Gravity: The Unyielding Spirit of a Barrier-Breaking Woman

“The path forward is clear: Dismantle archaic notions that certain professions are exclusively male domains. With determination and support, women can excel in any field. Let us foster a culture of solidarity, uplifting and championing one another’s achievements. Together, we shatter barriers and pave the way for future generations of female leaders.”

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Cultivating Diversity: A Garden of Possibilities

In an ever-evolving American experience, understanding different cultural sensibilities is crucial. Bpeace Skillanthropist Luis Tejada explains: “We need to create more diversity, and sometimes it means investing, taking the risk and really believing in people. You have to be committed. It’s a lot like gardening: You have to plant the seeds and watch them grow.”

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Donna Fleetwood

Bpeace Community Spotlight: Skillanthropist Volunteer Expert Donna Fleetwood

After a 30-year career in real estate, Donna Fleetwood now owns an art studio in Santa Fe, NM. She coaches real estate agents on how to be successful with more clarity, focus, ease and grace. On her LinkedIn page, Donna refers to Bpeace as a nonprofit that “has made a huge difference in my life.” Donna talked with Chief Growth Officer Susy Cheston to share her Bpeace story.

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