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alexandra salas
Alexandra Salas

Alexandra leads Bpeace's fast-growing global impact. She began her career in private equity and honed her international experience while working in Argentina and Brazil. Today she is based in North Carolina and mobilizes the Bpeace community of high-impact job creators who generate better lives for thousands of families. She is eager to export the successful Bpeace model to new regions.


mark fleming
Mark Fleming
Board Chair
A former managing partner at Accenture, Mark has served on the Bpeace Board since 2014 and has traveled to Guatemala and El Salvador to work on growth strategies with 40 Fast Runners in our Central America portfolio. He is also a board director of privately held Queralt and the nonprofit, Harding Land Trust.
randy browning
Randy Browning

Prior to retiring from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as a partner, Randy held a number of senior leadership positions, including U.S. consulting leader and global advisory markets leader. He has actively involved more than 100 PwC professionals in volunteering for Bpeace. Randy has traveled to El Salvador and Guatemala as a Bpeace Skillanthropist and continues to work with numerous Fast Runner businesses.

buck baker
Buck Baker
Board Director

Buck has an MBA from the Harvard School of Business and more than 30 years of experience in senior strategic planning and human resources roles, most recently as Director of HR for Yazaki North America. Buck has been instrumental in creating the Bpeace Ambassador model to ensure impactful onboarding and sustained engagement for new Skillathropists. He has completed several volunteer assignments including G-Files, Learning Labs, Growth Projects, and mentoring for Women Forward.

ann callison headshot
Ann Callison
Board Director

Based in London, Ann heads operations globally for Barclays Corporate Bank, overseeing payments, lending, and trade finance. She previously spent 15 years at Morgan Stanley leading enterprisewide technology initiatives, including regulatory reform, operations innovation and Agile transformation. Ann is passionate about creating growth and efficiency through technology and human-centered design. As a Skillanthropist, she has traveled to Lebanon, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Marla Gitterman
Marla Gitterman
Board Director

Prior to her current position as Bpeace Strategic Partnership Advisor, Marla was Chief Program Officer, managing our global portfolio in Afghanistan, Guatemala, El Salvador and Rwanda. Before joining Bpeace, she was technical program officer at Women's World Banking, supporting development of microfinancing in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Marla is also board president of Working for Women, a nonprofit using business to elevate women in the workforce.

James Jones
James Jones
Board Director

As founder of JKT Financial Group, an operations and financial consulting firm, and president of JKT Packaging Solutions, James uses his 20+ years of expertise in C-level management, lean manufacturing and asset management to help companies streamline operations, improve safety and source packaging/logistic services. JKT Packaging has negotiated over $75 million in supplier contracts involving partners from North America to Asia.

Jordan Less Headshot
Jordan Less
Board Director

Jordan, an Advisory Manager at ZS Associates and Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, boasts 10+ years of experience in Management Consulting, specializing in life science, operating models, organizational transformation, and capability building. As a dedicated Skillanthropist with Bpeace for 9 years, Jordan has conducted numerous learning labs, including the transformative OKR learning lab, benefiting hundreds of Fast Runners. Jordan's commitment has grown the ZS & Bpeace partnership, with 86+ ZS employees volunteering their time and expertise.

toni maloney
Toni Maloney
Board Director
Co-founder & Madame X-CEO

From the start, Toni differentiated Bpeace in the nonprofit space by focusing on small-business owners in the best position to create jobs for others, a mission that has never wavered. Before cofounding Bpeace in 2002, she ran The Maloney Group, a strategic marketing consulting business. Previous to that, Toni held executive positions at American Express, and the Ogilvy and McCann-Erickson advertising agencies.

Alpa Pandya
Alpa Pandya
Board Director

Believing that small-business owners are too often the unsung heroes of economic and social advancement around the world, Alpa has utilized her 20+ years of strategic marketing and brand expertise to help Fast Runners create jobs in their communities. In 2018 she cofounded Find Difference, a consulting firm that advises F100 executives, visionary challengers and award-winning creative teams.

Karen Vander Linde
Karen Vander Linde
Board Director

Karen is a retired PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) partner who served on the firm’s advisory global leadership team. Currently she sits on the leadership advisory committee at ExCo (former Merryck and Co), where she is an executive mentor. She regularly travels to Central America to improve the ability of Bpeace Fast Runners to create strategic frameworks and manage organizational change.

Image of Liz Wald
Liz Wald

Liz has been building online marketplaces for 25+ years, from AOL and Etsy to the explosion of crowdfunding and the emerging cannabis industry. She consults with early-stage consumer companies and is CEO of Good Earth Organics, a certified organic soil company based in the U.S. Liz’s expertise includes operations, entrepreneurship, financial planning, market assessment, international expansion, business development and team building.

Caroline Basso picture
Caroline Basso
Chief Administrative

Strengthening the resources that keep a growing Bpeace efficient, is Caroline’s domain at Bpeace. In addition to marketing and fundraising leadership, she manages Bpeace’s back office including technology, HR and finance. She joined Bpeace in 2019 from public broadcasting where she managed operations, strategic planning and fundraising.


Dion James
Dion James
Bpeace Business Advisor

Drawing from a decade of learning and development, an accomplished Learning & Development Specialist, Dion, creates dynamic training programs to foster collaboration for outstanding results in organizational growth. Dion, serves as a Business Advisor for Bpeace’s Supplier Diversity Maximizer Program, and Learning Management System (LMS) Consultant, designing training programs, educational initiatives, and eLearning benchmarks.

Isabelle Strauss
Isabelle Strauss
Chief Program Officer

Isabelle is responsible for the overall quality and impact of all Bpeace programs that help small and medium-sized business owners expand their businesses and create jobs.

Melissa Alvarado
El Salvador Program Coordinator
Stephanie Alvarado headshot
Stephanie Alvarado
Guatemala Program Coordinator
tania brett
Tania Brett
El Salvador Country Director
deb castro
Debora Castro
El Salvador Program Coordinator
Stephany Gonzalez
Stephany de Gonzalez
Guatemala Country Director
eugenia erazo
Eugenia Erazo
El Salvador Program Manager
Silvia Ramos
Sylvia Ramos
Development Operations
Wynona Heim
Skillanthropist and Connect Community Manager
nicoletta lisanti
Nicoletta Lisanti
Marketing and Communication Manager
cecile ney
Cecile Ney
Impact Manager
Gaby Pardo
Gaby Pardo
El Salvador Program Coordinator
headshot of Julia Perez
Julia Perez
Executive Administrator

Executive Council

Selected annually by the Bpeace CEO from among the organization's most involved Skillanthropists
  • Nimma Bakshi

  • Anne-Marie Behrendt
    International Rescue Committee

  • Mike Bento
    ENGAGE Strategies

  • Lisa Bowers
    US Green Building Council

  • Alberto Brea

  • Lane Burtz
    Independent Consultant

  • Carol Capece
    Spark Healthcare

  • Bryce Caster

  • Dell Chaakrapani
    Continuum Health Technologies

  • Emily Christner
    Trusted Media Brands

  • Sarah Cody
    Verasolve LLC

  • Richard Coughlin

  • Anne Cramer
    CX University

  • Bernadette Davis

  • Louis Dries
    Belcanam LLC

  • Lisa Dubin

  • Becky Eby

  • Bernadette Fahey

  • Yvette Franco
    Growth+ LLC

  • Seth Friedman
    Digitas Health

  • Sarah Frye
    SF Consulting Services

  • Jane Gannaway
    JPG Consulting LLC

  • Sylvia Golbin 
    Consult North Star 

  • Liliana Goncalvez
    Apex Global Mobility

  • Mark Greene
    Independent Consultant

  • Melissa Hartzell-Galileo 
    Investors Bank

  • Johnna Hobgood

  • Tom Howell
    XPV Water Partners

  • Joseph Howse
    Nummist Media Corporation Limited

  • Patrice Johnson

  • Athena Katsaros
    The Women's Impact Alliance

  • Peter Koch
    Oak Hill Capital

  • Michael Koziol

  • Ruth Kreiger
    Go Forth Boldly

  • George Lober

  • Karisa Mashlan

  • Ivy Menchel
    Capital Management Group

  • Doug Oettinger

  • Jose Ortiz
    Apparel Source Company

  • Gita Patel
    Trillium Management Solutions

  • Frank Piuck
    Cyberhenge, Inc.

  • Javier Prado
    The Nest

  • Jim Reitzig
    The Reno Group, Inc.

  • Khatera Sahibzada
    KSAHIB Consulting

  • Angela Scalpello
    The Scalpello Group

  • Stacy Schulist
    Schulist Advisory Services

  • John P Stewart
    Firefly Consulting International

  • David Sturrock
    Simio LLC

  • Victoria Summers

  • Luis Tejada
    DomEc Enterprises LLC

  • Tim Teran
    2t Consulting

  • Kelly Tousi

  • Pear Urushima
    Freelance Marketing & Creative

  • Sonali Vanjani
    Gap Inc

  • Madeleine Wiener de Torsiac
    Independent Consultant

  • Lisa Yarnell
    InLine Strategies, LLC

  • Yilin Zhang