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Create jobs in communities where they are needed most

Who We Are

We create jobs and help small and medium-size businesses grow by pairing them with volunteer business experts.

The Business Council for Peace (Bpeace) is an award-winning nonprofit working in crisis-affected communities to grow small and medium-size businesses, create significant employment for all, and expand the economic power of women. More jobs mean less violence.®

Several root causes contribute to challenges in small business growth and women’s participation in business. In the communities where we work, they include economic instability, gender inequality and cultural norms, and limited access to markets and networks. Bpeace actively drives systemic change in these communities by tackling these obstacles through our comprehensive programming, strategic partnerships, and convening initiatives.

We deliver high-quality customized business consulting through volunteer business experts we call “Skillanthropists,” to carefully vetted small and medium-size businesses we call “Fast Runners.”

Together we are in pursuit of a common vision; we believe that employment is the bridge to education, poverty reduction, improved health and ultimately less violence; and that jobs for women are vital to women’s advancement and to elevating their peaceful influence on society.

In 2022, Bpeace Skillanthropists worked with 220+ small and medium-size business owners in the U.S., El Salvador and Guatemala. More than 53,000 family members depend on the jobs these Fast Runners provide.

who we are

What We Do


— Cast for Job Creators

In crisis-affected communities, we administer a robust, competitive application and interview process to recruit high-potential small and medium-size businesses (Fast Runners).


— Mobilize Skillanthropists

As talent scouts, we actively recruit business experts to volunteer their skills and time. We guide them in skill-based volunteering, and wrap them in a community experience.


— Pro Bono

We deliver high-quality pro bono customized business consulting through volunteer business experts we call “Skillanthropists,” to carefully vetted small and medium-size businesses we call “Fast Runners.”


— Create coalitions

Providing Fast Runners access to Skillanthropists generates a powerful and productive collaboration focused on innovation, transformation and growth.


— Move women forward

More than 60% of the businesses we advise are women owned or led and they often outperform their counterparts in terms of revenue and job growth.


— Create jobs

Businesses that work with Bpeace grow significantly more than their local economies. The jobs they create stabilize families and communities.


United States

Black-owned businesses are more than twice as likely as their white counterparts to have shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with similar rates for Latino and Asian-owned businesses. Bpeace Skillanthropists are working with Black, Latino, Asian and women-led small and medium-size business owners to ensure the U.S. rebuilds in a more inclusive and equitable way.


Even as Guatemala begins to stabilize, violence and extortion by gangs are still key issues. Gang-related violence is an important factor prompting people, including unaccompanied youth, to leave the country. The portfolio of businesses our Skillanthropists advise is concentrated in the food processing, technology, manufacturing and services industries. 

El Salvador

El Salvador is historically affected by climate change, natural disasters, health inequity, as well as food, energy and economic insecurity. Bpeace is advising small and medium-size businesses that create more jobs guaranteeing better lives for thousands of people, away from gang violence.


Chronic violence, climate shocks, and food insecurity have driven displacement in Honduras. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for most jobs in Honduras and are essential to economic stability. However, they often struggle to access credit to support working capital needs, hire workers, and grow their operations. The portfolio of businesses our Skillanthropists will advise will be concentrated in the food sector value chain.


Maribeth Fox, Bpeace Skillanthropist since 2009, U.S.

“Bpeace is a beacon of light in the darkness for business owners and entrepreneurs, for women, and for the communities they support. The strategic thinking and brainpower behind the organization is massive. The results are clear. I am proud to stand with Bpeace.”

Javier Guerrero, Happy Punk Panda Digital Media, El Salvador

“A lot of people recommended Bpeace, but when we applied I had a lot of skepticism if they would understand our needs as a small emerging Salvadoran company. It took just one meeting to know that the Bpeace team is amazing. You instantly begin growing as a company after a few sessions. I am so grateful to Bpeace.”


Business owners​

Are you driven to create more jobs for your community? Could you use some expert strategic guidance to help you grow?

Business Volunteers

Would you like to do more with what you know, and witness the difference your skills and knowledge can make? Do you have some flex time to volunteer?


Whether your focus is empowering women, lifting underserved communities, international development, the climate and refugee crisis, Bpeace is an impactful investment for your philanthropic gifts.