Help choose the next group of Salvadoran Fast Runner businesses!
Go-to-market strategy
El Salvador
Help choose the next group of Bpeace Fast Runner businesses in Guatemala!
Go-to-market strategy
Work with this well-established business to optimize restaurant operations in order to improve performance and enable future expansions
Food safety & quality assurance
El Salvador
Design and deliver an interactive workshop for Salvadoran and Guatemalan business leaders in the food industry on Go To Market strategy formulation
Go-to-market strategy
Design and Deliver interactive remote workshop on Talent Management, Human Resource Strategy, &/or Employee Engagement
HR & talent management
El Salvador
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  • Branding & marketing strategy
  • Financial analysis & cost management
  • Food safety & quality assurance
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • HR & talent management
  • Leadership
  • Manufacturing process improvement
  • Market research & analysis
  • Operational efficiency
  • Product development & innovation
  • Sales strategy
  • Supply chain & logistics
  • Technology & digital transformation
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  • Travel / Hospitality
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