Defying Gravity: The Unyielding Spirit of a Barrier-Breaking Woman

By Cécile Ney
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“The path forward is clear: Dismantle archaic notions that certain professions are exclusively male domains. With determination and support, women can excel in any field. Let us foster a culture of solidarity, uplifting and championing one another’s achievements. Together, we shatter barriers and pave the way for future generations of female leaders.”

So states Leticia Escobar, the visionary leader of ALPHA Equipos y Servicios, a Salvadorean business specializing in door and gate solutions.

Encountering skepticism and even rejection from clients due to her gender, Leticia kept moving forward propelled by her resilience. She sought support from programs like Bpeace Maximizer Forward, focusing on refining processes and assembling a skilled technical team adept in electronics, electricity and mechanics.

In her pursuit of excellence, Leticia strategically forged partnerships with public institutes, which satisfied client demands as well as fostered internal growth within her business. Additionally, she fine-tuned her leadership skills through Bpeace Women Forward, further equipping herself to navigate challenges.

Leticia recently achieved another groundbreaking accomplishment. She assumed the prestigious role of President of the El Salvador Chamber of Commerce, marking a historic milestone as only the second woman to hold this position in the 108-year history of the Chamber.

Leticia’s leadership transcends individual success; she dreams of a future where women can seize opportunities, find support and overcome barriers to professional achievement. Being involved in Leticia’s journey fills us with pride, and her path stands as an inspiring model for future female leaders.



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    Cécile Ney is Bpeace's Impact Manager. She also teaches social entrepreneurship and innovation in Central American universities and previously managed programs in Latin American incubators and accelerators.

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