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Fast Runner Erika Mendoza, El Salvador Country Manager Eugenia Erazo and Skillanthropist Madeleine Wiener
When Erika Mendoza joined Public, a leading provider of premium billboard and digital screen advertising services, in 2016, she began as a saleswoman and quickly rose through the ranks to become the General Manager. Despite a comfortable market position in El Salvador, Erika and her small but highly motivated team aspired to expand their client portfolio and venture into new markets.

To accomplish this, Public joined Bpeace’s Maximizer Forward program, seeking expert guidance to unlock the company’s growth potential. Erika was paired with Madeleine Wiener, a seasoned strategy and marketing executive renowned for building world-class brands. Erika and Madeleine crafted a comprehensive marketing plan for Public during an intensive week in El Salvador in December 2022.

“Madeleine made us believe in ourselves, and she helped us take this leap of expansion.”
Erika Mendoza in Transforming Public Case Study
Erika Mendoza

Working with Madeleine led to many changes for Public. A Marketing Manager and a new design team member were recruited, helping launch a new website and social media campaign and improve client reports from advertising. The leadership team initiated simple but impactful adjustments, such as setting established working hours, adhering to commitments and starting meetings on time.

“It’s a process, and we have a long way to go, but if it hadn’t been for Bpeace and Madeleine, we wouldn’t have done it. We renewed the company both cosmetically and internally. It’s nice to arrive at the office; it’s full of enthusiastic people.”

All the small changes created big ripples for Erika and Public. The new after-sale process resulted in a remarkable 20% growth in sales during April and May 2023, traditionally slower months. The company achieved a 17% decrease in costs during Q1 2023, significantly enhancing overall profitability. Team engagement experienced a needed boost, ensuring better distribution of roles and responsibilities.

With two new team members in place and a clear roadmap for implementation, Public is confidently marching toward exceeding its double-digit growth rate. As Erika and her dedicated team continue to tap into new markets, strengthen client relationships and embrace efficiency-driven processes, the company’s future prospects are more than promising—they’re invigorating.