maypro SA banner case study
Guatemala Country Director Stephany De González, Fast Runner Javier Bathen and Guatemala Program Coordinator Stephanie Alvarado

Javier Bathen left his corporate career in Guatemala behind in 2013 to join forces with his siblings and create Maypro, a promotional products business and floor and tiling supplier. Javier’s background at prestigious companies like Kimberly-Clark and Tigo provided invaluable experience, but he soon discovered that running a family business was an entirely different ball game.

In 2021, Maypro had plans to open new retail locations and warehouses, but the company was facing challenges with supply chains, price spikes and fluctuating demand. Undeterred, Javier decided to join Bpeace’s Maximizer Forward program with one goal in mind: defining Maypro’s expansion strategy.

Javier was matched with a variety of experienced professionals to offer support and perspective, including Skillanthropist John Stewart, an industry specialist in sales activation.

With Bpeace and John’s guidance, Maypro developed a streamlined sales process, implemented a CRM platform and improved the company culture with regular team meetings, salary increases, the formation of a soccer team, and open forums for idea generation.

Together, Maypro and Bpeace achieved remarkable outcomes. In 2022 alone, the company experienced an astounding 74% revenue growth, creating four new jobs in the process. Now Maypro is poised to open a showroom in Guatemala City. With a solid foundation, enhanced sales processes and a focus on continuous improvement, the company is well-positioned for sustained growth and continued success in the years ahead.

Javier’s purpose in creating Maypro was threefold: to leave a legacy for his children, to provide them with financial security, and to give them the opportunity to work on something meaningful one day. Now he is closer than ever to reaching it all!