Who, you say? That's right. We don't talk enough about them. GLG is the world's leading platform for professional learning. Through its 500,000+ members and additional experts, the company provides business leaders, investors, consultants, social entrepreneurs and other top professionals with knowledge and expertise in the short and long term.

GLG's Social Impact practice brings one-to-one professional learning to the social sector, helping top social entrepreneurs address their strategic and organizational challenges.Since 2012, GLG has been helping Bpeace source the high-quality business volunteers our Fast Runners need to grow their companies and create the jobs that lead to prosperity and peace in their communities. If we can't find the right expertise within our membership, or through our members' connections, we turn to GLG.
Meet some of GLG's talented experts who've rolled up their sleeves for Bpeace:
BrianBrian Paniccia (right), Agile and Scrum transformation expert, traveled to Guatemala to train digital agency MilknCookies project managers on Scrum essentials.Anne CramerAnne Cramer, a strategy and management consultant, traveled to Guatemala to help Silvia, director of digital agency Solucion Web (left), improve the firm’s creative and programmatic workflow practices.AjuAja Somal (center), a bakery and food-service consultant, visited Los Trillizos bakery in El Salvador to improve plant efficiency and product formulas. Aja is now consulting with an Afghan bakery. diegoDiego Darquea (second from right), a branding and product development expert, traveled to Guatemala to help food processor Alimentos Bohemia strengthen its brand positioning.helen qubainHelen Qubain, a strategy consultant, facilitated a workshop in Guatemala where Fast Runners defined their core business and growth strategies. YvetteYvette Franco, a strategic marketing and branding consultant, worked with cosmetics supplier Belleza Total to define its value proposition and the marketing messages of its skincare lines.