Remote Mentoring for Salvadoran Businesswomen

Partner with a pair of Salvadoran businesswomen to strengthen their leadership skills with personalized remote mentoring.
Bpeace Women Forward

Where: Remotely for El Salvador
When: August 2022
Time Commitment: 90 minutes/week over two months
Number of Volunteers: 9

Share your life hacks and business skills with two Salvadoran businesswoman as they begin their leadership growth journey. They will have already worked with Bpeace volunteers to identify their leadership development goals. They need YOU to help them activate their goals.

For more information, contact: tbrett@bpeace.org.

Growth File (G-File) that will be used by the business to develop their growth plan and track their progress.

8-10 hours over 3 weeks.

Interactive remote workshops on a variety of business topics.

5-20 hours over 2 months.

In-depth remote or in-person opportunities.

20 hours over 4 months.

Creation of climate change strategies to help businesses obtain a competitive edge over competition.

Mentoring businesswomen in El Salvador on a variety of business topics.

90 minutes over 2 months.