Please check back soon for more volunteer opportunities! Business people with expertise in marketing and branding, finance, management, delegating, negotiation, SEO, and using TikTok for business are welcome. Entrepreneurs with success in growing and scaling a business are particularly
needed. If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with small businesses in the U.S., please contact Susy Cheston.

Growth File (G-File) that will be used by the business to develop their growth plan and track their progress.

8-10 hours over 3 weeks.

Interactive remote workshops on a variety of business topics.

5-20 hours over 2 months.

In-depth remote or in-person opportunities.

20 hours over 4 months.

Creation of climate change strategies to help businesses obtain a competitive edge over competition.

Mentoring businesswomen in El Salvador on a variety of business topics.

90 minutes over 2 months.