United States - Minority-Owned Businesses

Program: Bpeace U.S. Jobs Maximizer

When: June – July 2022

Time Commitment: 4 – 6 hours over one month

Number of Volunteers: 17

For more information, contact: cwallace@bpeace.org


Guatemala Retail Businesses

Program: Bpeace Pradera Impulsa

Where: Remotely for Guatemala

When: July 2022

Time Commitment: 10 – 12 hours over 2 – 3 weeks
Who: Individuals with business expertise in any industry
Number of Volunteers: 20

For more information, contact: sgonzalez@bpeace.org


El Salvador Pharmaceutical Industry

Program: Bpeace Pharma Maximizer

Where: Remotely for El Salvador

When: June 2022 – July 2022

Time Commitment: 10 hours over two months
Who: Business people interested in the pharmaceutical industry (sector experience not required)
Number of Volunteers: 15

For more information, contact: Istrauss@bpeace.org

Growth File (G-File) that will be used by the business to develop their growth plan and track their progress.

8-10 hours over 3 weeks.

Interactive remote workshops on a variety of business topics.

5-20 hours over 2 months.

In-depth remote or in-person opportunities.

20 hours over 4 months.

Creation of climate change strategies to help businesses obtain a competitive edge over competition.

Mentoring businesswomen in El Salvador on a variety of business topics.

90 minutes over 2 months.