accelerating trust action plan
Accelerating Trust Action Plan

Whether you are a business, nonprofit, or any organization, building trust among your stakeholders is critical to advancing your strategic agenda. This Excel tool created by Bpeace sequences the basic steps to building a culture of trust. Start with articulating your organization’s core values, establishing buy-in, and taking steps to operationalize values with your team. Bpeace often discusses the concept of “deposits” and “withdrawals” in building trust. This same tool can be used to sequencing the roll-out of an organization’s mission.

Promoting Learning and Decision-Making Based on Data
Promoting Learning and Decision-Making Based on Data

In an exclusive workshop in El Salvador, sponsored by USAID, Bpeace shared with other nonprofit organizations its approach to data-driven decision-making. This presentation included a guided discussion by PwC on how leaders believe data is the new oil, i.e., the world’s most valuable resource. Key guidance from Bpeace includes: Incorporate data into your decision-making; Consider the relations between the data and the trends arising; Develop a data-based decision-making culture.

women forward 2020 playbook
Women Forward: The 2020 Playbook

If women can blast through three of the toughest glass ceilings—the U.S. Army, the NFL and the trucking industry—what are we waiting for? Meet the game changers: People and organizations across the U.S., the U.K., Latin America, Asia and Africa who have successfully accelerated women’s leadership in the workplace and society. Riveting personal stories from the front lines detail how executives from financial services to media and technology dealt with entrenched culture and systems, what types of support kept them focused on their goals, and how we can translate their experience into actions of our own. This book is a rich compilation of interviews, tips and tools from the winners of the Bpeace Women Forward Awards.

Download a free PDF here or purchase a paperback on Amazon.

mentoring women forward 2019 playbook
Mentoring Women Forward: The 2019 Playbook

When a woman’s potential is championed, a whole society moves forward. Stories and first-person accounts from AllianceBernstein, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Financial Times, Skillshare, ZS Associates, Omnicom and executives from Madison Avenue, Wall Street, banking, executive search, food services and professional women’s networks describe how organizations and their people have realigned business strategy, changed corporate culture or simply followed personal instincts. The book was compiled from interviews with the winners of the Bpeace Women Forward Awards, a nationwide competition sponsored by Bpeace.

Download a free PDF here or purchase a paperback on Amazon.