growth project

El Salvador Strategic Growth

Program: Bpeace Maximizer Forward El Salvador

Where: In person or remotely for El Salvador

When: June 2022

Time Commitment: 20 – 30 hours remotely over 3 to 4 months or availability for one week of international travel if in person

What: Validate the company’s growth needs and draft a scope of work. Bpeace staff will facilitate the initial conversations between you and your “client.”

Who: Business people with expertise in strategic growth, talent management, marketing and branding, finance, sales, go-to-market, public relations, digital transformation, operational process improvement and organizational structure.

Number of Volunteers:

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growth project


Program: Bpeace Maximizer Forward Guatemala
Where: Remotely or in person

When: August 2022

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per week between August to December 2022

What: You will help the business analyze the current sales processes and who is involved in client interactions with new or existing customers. Provide recommendations for alternative sales strategies that will equip the “sales team” in customer conversion. Advise the business on HR changes that would help develop a systematic and structured approach to recruiting, onboarding, training, and developing talent, preferably with Central American experience. Bpeace staff will facilitate the initial conversations between you and your “client.”

Who: Business people with extensive Knowledge of talent management within the microfinance industry, preferably in the Central American region. Help develop the business’s strategic human resources plan. Knowledge of sales strategies and can help sales apply a higher level of discipline to talent management so that the sales organization is capable of performing at its best.

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Growth File (G-File) that will be used by the business to develop their growth plan and track their progress.

8-10 hours over 3 weeks.

Interactive remote workshops on a variety of business topics.

5-20 hours over 2 months.

In-depth remote or in-person opportunities.

20 hours over 4 months.

Creation of climate change strategies to help businesses obtain a competitive edge over competition.

Mentoring businesswomen in El Salvador on a variety of business topics.

90 minutes over 2 months.