BPEACE SKILLANTHROPISTSCREATE a Ripple Effect in a vibrant ecosystem

You Enrich Your Life

Whether you travel to one of our regions or advise our entrepreneurs long-distance, you gain the experience of working with new markets and cultures.

Your Skills Spark Growth

We select entrepreneurs with the most potential to create jobs. We call them Fast Runners because they want to accelerate growth.

You Connect to Others

Join Bpeace, and join a global coalition of like-minded Skillanthropists who make real connections with real entrepreneurs in challenged economies.

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"The fact that I can actually use my business skills to help positively impact the world is inspiring. I recently visited Guatemala to help consult with 20 small businesses on their branding issues. It was an enriching experience and I feel as if I got much more than I gave."
"My experiences with Bpeace have been only positive. Wonderful people all over the world working together to help make areas of conflict better places for the people that live there. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization."
"I volunteer over Skype with businesses in Afghanistan. The work is intellectually stimulating. Resources and tools that are readily available here in the U.S. are not elsewhere, so we need to be creative. It's all very fulfilling. Try it and you will never want to do anything else!"
  • Skillanthropist Roles

    Bpeace's Most Popular Skillanthropist Roles:

Virtual Mentor

Consult via Skype when we match your skills with the growth needs of businesses in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Afghanistan.

Traveling Mentor

Travel for five days or more to El Salvador or Guatemala to deliver workshops or pre-arranged consulting projects.

HQ Improvement

Help Bpeace run lean. Skillanthropists improve our financial reporting, marketing, fundraising and best practices.

Skillanthropist at Large

Join the coalition of Skillanthropists who believe that More Jobs Mean Less Violence.®

Virtual Mentor

Drew Crail

Growth Strategist

Bpeace member since 2012

Travelling Mentor

Alpa Pandya

Brand Strategist

Bpeace member since 2015

HQ Improvement

Ayanna Gabriel

Manager, Product Marketing

Bpeace member since 2011

Member at Large

Jay O. Sanders

Actor and Playwright

Bpeace member since 2014

Full Disclosure

We ask our member/volunteers to contribute to our mission with a monthly donation. These membership donations contribute about 6% of our annual operating budget. In some cases, we offer complimentary memberships to experts with particular technical skills in high demand by our Fast Runner entrepreneurs. Traveling Mentors may be eligible for financial subsidies to partially offset travel costs.

  • "When you are generous with your time and skills, you invest in a better world, and a satisfied you."

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