Prescription for Success:Grupo JOMI’s Path to International Growth

By Cécile Ney
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In 1986, Oscar and Miriam García embarked on their entrepreneurial journey by acquiring the Guadalupe pharmacy in El Salvador. Over the years, their venture evolved into Grupo JOMI, a thriving conglomerate comprising pharmacies, a drugstore, a distributorship and a successful laboratory. With a workforce of over 350 employees, Grupo JOMI has become a prominent player in the national pharmaceutical landscape, manufacturing and distributing high-quality products aimed at enhancing the quality of life.

Navigating International Expansion

Despite its domestic success, Grupo JOMI faced challenges in expanding internationally, particularly in the competitive U.S. market. Key challenges included formulating a clear strategy for international expansion, navigating regulatory requirements for product registrations in export markets, and effectively marketing and selling products abroad. The company recognized the need for expert guidance to overcome these hurdles and capitalize on the opportunity to expand its reach.

Leveraging the Bpeace Pharma Maximizer Program

To address these challenges, Josue Garcia, the commercial director of Grupo JOMI, enrolled in the Bpeace Pharma Maximizer program, focused on supporting Salvadoran SMEs in the pharma sector. Through the program, Grupo JOMI participated in workshops covering topics such as regional expansion and exporting to the U.S. market. Additionally, Josue was paired with expert Amy Fitzgerald, an e-commerce specialist. Amy provided Josue with tailored guidance in areas such as Amazon account management, product display optimization and evaluating marketing strategies.

Tangible Results Through Collaboration

The collaboration with Amy yielded significant results for Grupo JOMI. First, improvements were made to the product display page (PDP) for the company’s flagship product, Ipatol, through efforts with the SYMLAB team, showcasing a hands-on learning approach. Second, a thorough analysis of competitors selling similar products on Amazon provided valuable insights into market dynamics and positioning strategies. Third, an evaluation was conducted to determine whether Grupo JOMI should directly manage its Amazon sales channel or continue through its distributor, guided by expert recommendations. Moreover, best practices for designing and managing a PDP on Amazon were established, enhancing the company’s online presence and visibility. Finally, a comprehensive review of Grupo JOMI’s Amazon campaign proposal and marketing audit was conducted to optimize marketing efforts and ensure maximum impact in the competitive online marketplace.

Exploring New Horizons

Grupo JOMI’s participation in the U.S. Market Exploration Mission facilitated by Bpeace provided invaluable insights and networking opportunities. Visits to retailers like Elm Wellness and manufacturers like BioCentriq enabled company leaders to understand market trends, consumer preferences and industry best practices. After the trip, Josue reflected: “The trip to the U.S. allowed us to understand that the market for Latin American products is larger than we had considered.” Grupo JOMI is now positioned to expand its horizons and tap into the vast potential of the Latino products market in the U.S.



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