How to Use Positioning to Maximize Growth

By Madeleine Wiener De Torsiac
Banner August 16th, 2023 blog

Positioning plays a crucial role in the success and growth of small businesses. It involves defining and communicating a unique value proposition that sets a company apart from its competitors. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to effectively position themselves, missing out on valuable growth opportunities. In this blog article, we will explore the importance of positioning and provide three key steps that help small businesses unlock their growth potential.

Step 1: Know your audience

Madeleine having a meetingThe first step in effective positioning is to understand both your competition and your target audience. Ask yourself two critical questions: What makes your company unique, and why do your clients choose you? Often businesses struggle to align their responses with their actual positioning.

Consider the following examples of Fast Runner businesses that encountered positioning challenges:

  1. Fast Runner “Agency”: This agency claimed expertise in branding, setting it apart from others in the market. However, instead of focusing on branding projects, it accepted any type of work, diluting its competitive advantage and competing with all advertising agencies.
  2. Fast Runner “Exporter”: This exporter’s unique selling point was its commitment to fair trade and sustainability, which resonated strongly with its target audience. However, it positioned itself solely on quality, beauty and design, attributes shared by many others in the industry.
  3. Fast Runner “Outdoor Media Company”: This company differentiated itself by offering innovative and disruptive structures for outdoor advertising. Unfortunately, it chose to compete on price rather than emphasizing the superior value of its unique offering, leading to lower profitability.

These examples serve as a clear reminder of the significance of aligning your business’s positioning with its unique qualities and the needs of your clients. Unfortunately, these businesses fell into the trap of conforming to industry norms, which severely restricted their potential for growth. By failing to differentiate themselves, they missed out on valuable opportunities to stand out and thrive in their respective markets.

Step 2: Focus on your positioning

Madeleine in front of a posterOnce you have made an informed choice regarding your positioning, it is crucial to align all aspects of your business strategy with it. Review and adjust your product offerings, pricing strategies, sales approach, distribution channels, marketing campaigns and customer service to ensure they support and reinforce your positioning.

By focusing your efforts on your unique value proposition, you can more effectively target and attract your desired audience. This targeted approach enables you to refine your offerings and better meet the needs and expectations of your clients, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Step 3: Maintain consistency in communication

Consistency is key when it comes to effective positioning. It is essential to maintain a unified voice, look and message across all communication channels and consumer touchpoints. Whether it’s your sales pitches, social media presence, website, advertising campaigns or customer interactions, ensure that your messaging aligns with, and reinforces, your chosen positioning.

Consistent communication builds brand recognition, trust and credibility. It helps establish your business as a reliable and unique provider in the minds of your target audience. By reinforcing your positioning consistently, you enhance brand loyalty and differentiate yourself from competitors, ultimately driving growth.


Positioning is a powerful tool that can unlock growth opportunities for businesses. By making an educated choice, focusing on your positioning and maintaining consistency in your communications, you can maximize your potential for success. Embracing a well-defined and differentiated positioning allows you to stand out from the competition, attract the right audience and ultimately fuel your business’s growth and prosperity.



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