EmpowerHer: A Multifaceted Journey to Women’s Professional and Personal Growth

By Alexandra Salas
Banner with many phrases detailing the latest good practices driving woman empowerment

In my journey advocating for women’s empowerment, I’ve come to understand that true progress requires a multifaceted approach—one that not only nurtures the professional development of women but also fosters their personal growth. At Bpeace, we’re deeply committed to this holistic vision. We work in crisis-affected communities to nurture small and medium-size businesses, foster widespread employment and amplify the economic influence of women. I’m thrilled to unveil the latest initiatives and best practices we’ve implemented to empower women.

  1. A 360 Assessment. This is the cornerstone of our Women Forward program. This tool allows women to see themselves from an external perspective, fostering honest introspection. Participants receive valuable feedback, often for the very first time, providing a sense of achievement and reinforcing that they are on the right path, while highlighting leadership gaps that can be strengthened.
  2. Building Trust and Relationships. Building trust is essential in any empowerment program. Bpeace achieves this through candid communication and establishing written rules of engagement. These rules include respect, active listening, confidentiality and more. They create a safe space for open and honest discussions.
  3. Peer Exchanges and Accountability Partners. Bpeace recognizes the power of collaboration and introduces the practice of working in pairs or groups. This fosters peer exchanges, promoting a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences. It’s an opportunity for women to build self-confidence by realizing that others face similar challenges. Paired with someone who may not share the same issues, participants gain diverse perspectives, enhancing their problem-solving skills.
  1. Discipline and Accountability. We emphasize the importance of discipline in personal development. Participants commit to dedicating an hour per week to work on themselves, creating a habit of continuous improvement. This “spiritual spa” approach ensures that personal growth becomes a regular part of their routine. Additionally, accountability plays a crucial role, as participants understand that their commitment affects their partners.
  1. Adaptability. Recognizing the dynamic nature of business, Bpeace practices agility. We respond quickly to changes during implementation, deviating from the initial plan when necessary. This flexibility ensures that the program remains relevant and responsive.

Enabling Systems Change:

These practices not only empower individual women but also contribute to broader systems change by:

Increasing Women’s Participation in the Economy: By empowering women to overcome barriers to professional growth and economic participation, we contribute to a more inclusive and diverse workforce, driving overall economic growth and prosperity.

Promoting Gender Equality: Through our initiatives, we challenge gender norms and stereotypes, advocating for greater gender equality in the workplace and society.

Driving Business Innovation: By fostering a supportive environment for collaboration and innovation, we enable women to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, driving business innovation and competitiveness in the market.

By implementing these five practices, we aim to create a personalized and impactful journey for the women we support. By focusing on the person, our impact has grown—as evidenced by the 64 businesswomen in our Women Forward program who in 2022 created 428 new jobs in El Salvador and grew revenue by 16%, injecting $144 million into their local economies and communities.



  • Alexandra Salas

    As Bpeace CEO, Alexandra's journey from private equity to global impact began in Argentina and Brazil. Now based in North Carolina, she mobilizes high-impact job creators to transform thousands of families' lives.