Building a Thriving Future: How Maypro S.A. Unleashed Its Potential with Strategic Expansion and Bpeace’s Expert Guidance

By Cécile Ney
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In 2013, Javier Bathen decided to leave his corporate career behind and join forces with his siblings to create Maypro. The family put their resources and contacts together, and the company became profitable within its first year. It has since expanded to include a floor and tiling supply business.


In 2021, Maypro’s growth trajectory truly took off. Overcoming obstacles such as internal collaboration bottlenecks, supply chain issues and fierce competition, Maypro emerged as a thriving business, thanks to support from TechnoServe and the dedication of Maypro founder, Javier.


The tiling unit, however, was still facing some challenges:

  • Disruptions in the supply chain due to global conditions meant that prices constantly fluctuated unexpectedly due to freight and material costs.
  • The spike in gas prices due to the conflict in Ukraine meant that Maypro had to absorb the extra cost to deliver its products to clients, eating away a significant portion of the profit margin.
  • With elections approaching in Guatemala, many clients postponed their projects until the results were announced, which slowed down demand over several months.

Building a Solid Foundation

Javier’s corporate background at prestigious companies like Kimberly-Clark and Tigo provided him with valuable experience, but he soon discovered that running a family business was an entirely different realm. Javier and his siblings had plans to open new retail locations and warehouses, but they wanted to make sure they were approaching this in a sustainable and financially responsible way.

Undeterred, Javier relied on his entrepreneurial spirit and determination to get the support he needed, and decided to join the Bpeace Maximizer Forward program with one goal in mind: defining Maypro’s expansion strategy.

Bpeace Experts' Transformative Influence

Through a variety of activities, ranging from workshops to intensive personalized consultations, Maypro realized its potential with Bpeace’s support. Through this partnership, Javier was matched with experienced professionals who provided invaluable guidance and fresh perspectives. One of the key contributors was John Stewart, an industry specialist in sales activation, who helped Javier achieve multiple goals:


  1. Revamping sales processes. With John’s guidance, Maypro embarked on a journey to develop a formal companywide sales process. Previously, each salesperson operated independently, leading to inconsistencies and missed opportunities. By implementing a structured approach and streamlining sales activities, the company achieved a notable improvement in its sales effectiveness and conversion rates.
  2. CRM implementation for enhanced control. As part of the company’s Growth Project, Bpeace and John facilitated the implementation of a CRM system, specifically Pipedrive, within Maypro. This pivotal change empowered the company to exercise greater control over projects, efficiently track client interactions and ensure timely follow-ups. By leveraging the CRM system’s capabilities, the company significantly enhanced its customer relationships and boosted overall sales performance.
  3. Cultural and operational enhancements. Beyond sales process improvements, the partnership with Bpeace brought about several positive cultural and operational changes within Maypro. Regular team meetings, salary increases, the formation of a soccer team, and open forums for idea generation all contributed to a more cohesive and motivated workforce. These initiatives fostered a collaborative environment and stimulated innovation, resulting in improved delivery options and increased customer satisfaction.

Impressive Results and Expanding Horizons

The combined efforts of Maypro personnel and Bpeace experts have yielded remarkable outcomes. In 2022 alone, the company experienced an astounding 74% revenue growth, creating four new jobs in the process. As a testament to its commitment to expansion, Maypro is poised to open a showroom in Guatemala City before the end of 2023. With its solid foundation, enhanced sales processes and a focus on continuous improvement, the company is well positioned for sustained growth and continued success in the years ahead.


Javier’s purpose with Maypro is about leaving a legacy for his children and providing them with both financial security and the opportunity to work on something meaningful as they get older. And it seems he is on the right path to reach that!



  • Cécile Ney

    Cécile Ney is Bpeace's Impact Manager. She also teaches social entrepreneurship and innovation in Central American universities and previously managed programs in Latin American incubators and accelerators.