Thought Leader

Thought Leadership Writer

What you will be doing

We are looking for a writer/thinker to interview a few of us and find the “news” and the “shareable thinking,” that would most resonate with other organizations and influencers who believe business and volunteers have a role to play in making the world a better place.

You will make your own schedule. We will provide you lots of content we have already made public that you can repackage in a way you believe will raise Bpeace’s profile.

You will write under your own byline. We will work with you to determine where the thought leadership will be published, i.e., on our own site, on LinkedIn, Medium, or even an e-book.

Your writing will help us go boldly into our next phase of creating more jobs and less violence.


What you will be doing Build your own brand and Bpeace’s too. Bpeace will be your client for this deep dive into our institutional memory to extract wisdom that will help others apply what we know. Make your own schedule, write under your own byline and work with us to find the “news” and “shareable thinking” that most resonates.
Where you will be doing it Remotely. Bpeace staff and internal consultants are scattered across the Western Hemisphere and work virtually.
You are qualified if you Are someone who can see the lighthouse in the fog and is a compelling and concise writer that makes people want to read more.
When Ongoing.
Commitment 5 hours per month
How much will it cost you? Tax-deductible membership contribution to Bpeace (starting at $10 a month).