Sales Strategy Expert for American Minority-Owned Kitchen Design & Project Management Firm

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What you will be doing:

This U.S. business provides full-service design and project management for emerging food and beverage brands. Their services include design, kitchen design and equipment purchasing, construction management and real estate due diligence. They provide a wider range of services than a typical interior designer, architect or food service consultant, thus creating a full-service solution provider for clients. The company, started in 2019, has experienced triple-digit growth over the past two years and is an exciting innovator in the kitchen design space. Their primary clients are emerging food and beverage brands with physical infrastructure needs such as restauranteurs, shared kitchen providers, ghost kitchens, fast casual brands and cafes.

Currently, most of their clients come through referrals or network connections. The leadership team realizes they need to create a more sustainable sales funnel and are particularly focused on creating a wider top of the sales funnel. They want to more clearly identify their target client base and then create a sales strategy to reach them effectively.

The company has a strong leadership team and a marketing budget, but needs help understanding how to effectively use their resources to grow their business. The team is eager to learn and adapt strategies to help it reach new clients and ultimately scale the business.

As a Bpeace volunteer Skillanthropist, you will use your expertise developing and implementing sales strategies in the service industry to:

  • Review and provide input on the business’ current sales strategy, analyze their product and service pricing, strategic partners and marketing channels.
  • Support the leadership team to optimize sales processes and develop strategies for hitting their sales targets.
  • Help the company determine which strategic partners to target and execute on developing these partnerships.
  • Help the company identify their target client base and expand their sales funnel to drive new customers.
  • Assist in the development of marketing assets, as well as an SEO and digital marketing strategy.
  • Share best practices on developing and implementing a sales strategy.

The impact of your work will increase the company’s ability to reach new clients and scale, as well as helping to provide job opportunities for the local community.

Over the course of four months you will:

  • Provide approximately 4 days of remote consulting advice delivered in time blocks that work with your schedule.
  • Validate needs with the company and draft a scope of work. Bpeace staff will facilitate the initial conversations between you and your “client.”
  • Advise the company via Zoom video meetings based on a mutually agreed upon schedule.

Black, minority and women-owned businesses, who were already facing systemic and institutional barriers, have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are more than 30 million small businesses in the U.S., and they are a driving force in its economy. Furthermore, steady employment is a key factor in one’s health, economic wellbeing, and future prospects. Your advice and expertise will help these businesses create jobs and build a stable future for their workers and communities.

Where you will be doing it:

Remotely with a Bpeace staffer facilitating each consulting session to ensure engagement and continuity.

You are qualified if you:
  • Have extensive knowledge of sales strategy development within a service industry.
  • Can apply your experience to help companies implement a sales strategy, restructure their sales approach, and build an efficient sales model.
  • Enjoy sharing your knowledge of how to expand a sales pipeline.
  • Can volunteer approximately 4 days (32 hours) between July and October to be a remote business advisor.
  • Harbor passion for business and/or creating jobs in the United States.

Starting July 2021


Discovery: 2-4 hours over the first 1-2 weeks
Project Work: 2-4 hours per week for between 8 and 16 weeks (32 hours total)
Follow-up: 1 hour a month for up to 4 months

Please note that this is a volunteer opportunity.

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Bpeace is an award-winning nonprofit that provides impactful business advice to companies in crisis-affected communities, where women are underemployed and where we believe more jobs can cut the oxygen to violence.

The Bpeace model unites high quality business consulting by volunteers (Skillanthropists) with proven and promising local job creators (Fast Runners) to help them break through the barriers to growth and job creation.



It would be our pleasure to learn about you, and see if this is a good fit for your time and skills.

Next Steps

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