Help this food service business improve production processes to improve cost-effectiveness and standardization while prioritizing quality in order to increase capacity and readiness for expansion.

Leverage your skills and knowledge to assist this expanding food service business in optimizing production processes. This company encompasses a restaurant and pastry shops, as well as catering services and pastry items marketed to B2B clients like hotels and restaurants.

In order to ready their business for rapid growth, this business needs help improving production processes, prioritizing quality and cost-effectiveness. They need help systematizing a diverse set of processes in order to ensure operational consistency across all production areas in their various businesses.

Volunteer Skills needed:
– Background in production, specializing in optimizing processes, minimizing waste, and ensuring efficient resource allocation, with a preference for experience in the food industry.
– Comprehensive understanding of process optimization frameworks.
– Capabilities in devising and implementing strategies that improve efficiency and reduce costs.
– Proficient in utilizing data to make informed decisions and enhance forecasting accuracy.

Flexible start date: any time before January 30, 2024

Volunteer Commitment: approximately 40 hours over 1 to 4 months

Type of Volunteer: Remote or Travel Skillanthropist

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