Proven Business Experts Who Drive Change and Transformation for Communities in Need


Toni Maloney


From the onset, Toni differentiated Bpeace with a strategy to focus on Fast Runner small business owners who are in the best position to create jobs for others. Before cofounding Bpeace in 2002, Toni ran a strategic marketing consulting business—The Maloney Group. She previously held executive positions at American Express, and the Ogilvy and McCann-Erickson advertising agencies.

Mark Fleming

Board Chair

A former managing partner at Accenture, Mark has served on the Bpeace Board since 2014 and has traveled to Guatemala and El Salvador to work on growth strategies with 40 Fast Runners in our Central America portfolio. He is also a board director of privately held Queralt and the nonprofit, Harding Land Trust.

Board of Directors

Randy Browning

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Randy is PwC's Global Advisory Markets Leader, where he is responsible for Advisory's global consulting horizontals, brand, market strategies and analyst relations. Randy actively involves other PwC partners, managers and associates as volunteer experts for Bpeace. As volunteers, PwC professionals have had positive impact on more than 60 Fast Runner businesses.

Ann Callison

Ann Callison

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Ann is Morgan Stanley's Global Head of Strategic Initiatives for Operations responsible for robotic process automation and cognitive technologies such as machine learning. She is passionate about bringing growth and efficiency to businesses through technology, process excellence and culture. Based in London, Ann is focusing on Bpeace’s impact in EMEA and beyond.

Zaby Currie

Zaby Currie

Director, Spotify

Zaby is passionate about working at the cross section of tech, music, media and marketplace expansion. An early employee of Spotify, she led its growth through Latin America, built out operations for the Global Artist & Label Relations team, and currently oversees Communications & Strategic Partners in Licensing. Prior to Spotify, she was Chief of Staff for AOL Advertising, and has also worked in artist marketing and management. She is a travel adventurer and enjoys mentoring and leadership development.

Marla Gitterman

Strategic Partnership Advisor

Marla drives Bpeace’s strategic partnerships. Previously, as Chief Program Officer, she managed our global portfolio of programs in Afghanistan, Guatemala, El Salvador and Rwanda. Prior to joining Bpeace, Marla worked as technical program officer at Women's World Banking, where she helped support the development of microfinance institutions in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Karen Vander Linde

Executive Mentor, Merryck and Co

Karen is a retired PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) partner who served on the firm’s Advisory global leadership team. Currently she sits on the Management Committee at Merryck and Co, where she is an executive mentor. She regularly travels to Central America to improve the ability of Fast Runners to create strategic frameworks and manage organizational change.

Liz Wald

Entrepreneur and Adventurer

Liz has spent 20+ years building global marketplaces, with a career spanning the early days of AOL and Etsy, to the recent explosion of crowdfunding, to marrying innovative techniques with artisan heritage in the contemporary fashion industry. Currently she is following her passion for craft beer by exploring that industry, and advising/working with individuals and companies with a for-profit social mission.

We are recruiting

New Board Director

If you believe as we do, that building economic capacity and jobs is the sustainable way to lift communities in need; if you have a wide business network that you are willing to tap for resources and funding on behalf of our mission; and you are not otherwise overcommitted on other boards, we would like to speak with you. Hover over the image to email us.

Kate Buggeln

Business Growth Strategist, Ex-Officio Board Director

A business growth strategist, Kate currently advises Irving Place Capital and sits on corporate boards including Ascena Retail Group, Five Below, cabi and Noble Biomaterials. Kate has traveled 14 times to advise Fast Runner businesses in Afghanistan, Rwanda and Central America. She is also the catalyst behind our Social Profitability pillar—where Fast Runners commit to go beyond profit, to prioritizing people and planet.

Executive Team

Alexandra Salas

Chief Program Officer

Lauren Hass

Donor and Member Relations

Executive Council

Anne-Marie Behrendt
Mike Bento
Lauren Brand
Alberto Brea
Daniel Brox
Barbara Bylenga
Laurie Chock
Richard Coughlin
Victoria Cox
Anne Cramer
Nazifa Danishgar
Bernadette Davis
Lisa Dubin
Claire Farber
Aamna Farooq
Laura Fedoryk
Donna Fleetwood

Maribeth Fox-Chmielewski
Yvette Franco
Jane Gannaway
Sylvia Golbin Goodman
Mark Greene
Amy Hao
Justin Harlow
Wynona Heim
Diana Henderson
Johnna Hobgood
Joseph Howse
Anabell Iglesias
Athena Katsaros
Melinda Kerins
Ruth Kreiger
Jordan Less
Robert McCracken

David Montieth
Jill O'Sullivan
Jose Ortiz
Gita Patel
Sabrina Prince
Rachael Rho
Khatera Sahibzada
Monica Sanz
Max Sather
Angela Scalpello
Derek Shillman
Victoria Summers
Imre Szenttornyay
Tim Teran
Will Townsend
Kate Whiston
Madeleine Wiener de Torsiac