Investment Readiness Expert

What you will be doing

We will pair you with a fellow Skillanthropist and together you will advise a Guatemalan leadership team on their investment strategy. You will analyze their business and financial models, develop a compelling investment pitch, and validate or enhance their growth plans.

Your role will also include reviewing detailed financial statements and developing, with the leadership team, a projection model that includes financing assumptions and cash flow analysis.

The impact of your work will strongly position the business for key discussions with potential investors, leading to growth and more jobs for Guatemalans.

Over the course of six months you will:

  • Provide approximately 16 hours of consulting advice remotely.
  • Communicate remotely to jointly create and start implementing a scope of work.
  • Bpeace staff will stimulate the initial conversations between you and your “client.”

More jobs are critical in Guatemala right now to help stem the flow of irregular migration. Small and medium businesses account for 60% of the economy. Steady employment provides legitimate alternatives for Guatemalans who would otherwise migrate, or pursue illegal activities and gangs. Your advice and expertise will help these businesses create jobs and build a stable future for their workers and communities.


What you will be doing Remotely advise our business owners in Guatemala as they prepare to secure financing. You will play a key role in analyzing business models, growth plans, financial projections and investment pitches.
Where you will be doing it Guatemala
You are qualified if you
  • Have financial analysis, investment banking and/or accounting experience.
  • Can apply your experience to small/medium sized businesses in Guatemala.
  • Can volunteer approximately 16 hours over six months in 2019/2020 to be a remote business advisor.
  • Harbor passion for business and/or creating jobs in economically fragile Guatemala.
When Starting August 2019
Commitment 16 hours remotely via Zoom
How much will it cost you? Tax-deductible membership contribution to Bpeace (starting at $10 a month).