Food Industry Process Improvement Expert

What you will be doing

This diversified restaurant franchise offers a “sweet and savory moment” to Salvadorans. Loyal customers enjoy cakes, pastries, assorted sweets, and ready-to-eat warm meals at 28 different locations throughout El Salvador. The family ownership team would like to expand further by replicating their business model.

To pursue this growth strategy it is critical to improve efficiency by streamlining operations and optimizing existing processes. More advanced machinery and technology would improve production output to expand the retail business.

The business is eager to learn from leading industry experts on how to implement lean manufacturing, kaizen, and other process improvement strategies to reduce operational expenses and increase cash flow.

You will use your process improvement experience in the food industry to find waste in existing processes, increase operational efficiency, and set short-term and long-term strategies to increase profitability. You will also support Raul and the team in defining metrics to help them standardize their processes.

The impact of your work with the company will lead to increased sales, profitability and efficiency. Your knowledge and skills will help the company accelerate their growth and create jobs that provide dignity as well as economic stability as a powerful alternative to violence.

Over the course of five months you will:

  • Provide approximately 12 days of consulting advice both remotely and in person.
  • At first, communicate remotelly to jointly create and start implementing a scope of work. Bpeace staff will stimulate the initial conversations between you and your "client."
  • Then, travel to El Salvador for several days to visit the logistics operation and work one-on-one with the team.

More jobs are critical in El Salvador right now to help stem the flow of irregular migration. Small and medium businesses account for 60% of the economy. Steady employment provides legitimate alternatives for Salvadorans who would otherwise migrate, or pursue illegal activities and gangs. Your advice and expertise will help these businesses create jobs and build a stable future for their workers and communities.


What you will be doing This family-owned restaurant franchise has become a fixture in Salvadoran culture with 300 employees and over 37 years in business. To increase profitability, the business needs to improve efficiency and enhance manufacturing processes.
Where you will be doing it El Salvador
You are qualified if you
  • Have extensive knowledge of process improvement in the food industry.
  • Can apply your experience in lean manufacturing, kaizen, and other operational techniques.
  • Enjoy creating standard operating procedures and maximizing profitability.
  • Can volunteer approximately 12 days in 2019 to be a remote and in-person business advisor.
  • Harbor passion for business and/or creating jobs in economically fragile El Salvador.
When Starting May 2019
Discovery 8 hours remotely by Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp
Field Work 5 days in El Salvador
How much will it cost you? Tax-deductible membership contribution to Bpeace (starting at $10 a month).
  • Some travel costs (Bpeace pays for your airfare and hotel).
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