Do you envision the role that businesses and jobs can play in decreasing violence in Central America?

Do you have a generalist understanding of how business grows through market access, process improvement, marketing, employee engagement and supply chain?

In addition to your warm and outgoing personality, are you adept at building trust among diverse groups of people?

Do you feel comfortable working across cultures, connecting people of diverse backgrounds around a common goal?

If yes, and you think you are a good candidate for this position, please submit a resume and cover letter outlining 1) relevant experience, 2) why you are the best candidate for the position.

Email to jobs@bpeace.org.


Bpeace is hiring a business-savvy, mission focused, task-oriented professional interested in making a lasting impact on communities where jobs can lift families and communities.

As the Bpeace Deputy Program Manager, you will report to Bpeace’s Chief Program Officer
(CPO) and be part of an international program team charged with the implementation and excellence of the pro bono consulting and advisory services that we offer owners of small and growing businesses in crisis affected communities.

Specifically, the Deputy Program Manager will implement workplans for two distinct cohorts of our Maximizer Forward program and ensure efficient and effective coordination of meetings, accurate record keeping and file management, and excellence in workplan deliverables.

The outcome of your work will be stronger, sustainable businesses that create jobs for Salvadorans; and a consistently positive brand identity for Bpeace in El Salvador.

As the Deputy Program Manager, you will use your business knowledge and interpersonal skills to:

  • Build trust with the management teams of each of the businesses in your portfolios.
  • Assist them in defining and prioritizing specific challenges or opportunities to grow.
  • Recruit business candidates to apply to our program and strengthen local partner relationships.
  • Drive outcomes, primarily measured in jobs created.

You must:

  • Have fluency in Spanish and English with excellent verbal and writing skills in both languages.
  • Be comfortable working 100% remotely and on Zoom and Slack for good parts of every day.
  • Be a self-starter and enthusiastic collaborator.


The Business Council for Peace (Bpeace) is an award-winning nonprofit working in crisis-affected communities to grow small businesses, create significant employment for all, and expand the economic power of women. More jobs mean less violence.®

We deliver high-quality business consulting through volunteer business experts we call “Skillanthropists,” to carefully vetted small businesses we call “Fast Runners.”

Together we are in pursuit of a common vision: that employment is the bridge to education, poverty reduction, improved health and ultimately less violence; and that jobs for women are vital to women’s advancement and to elevating their peaceful  influence on society.

In 2021, Bpeace Skillanthropists are working with 100+ small-business owners in the U.S., El Salvador, Guatemala and Afghanistan. More than 32,000 family members depend on the jobs these Fast Runners provide.


Broadly, the Deputy Program Manager will implement the existing workplan for two consecutive Maximizer Forward programs. With an August 16, 2021 start date, the Deputy Program Manager will drive implementation of cohort already in progress consisting of 13 businesses and recruit a new cohort of 20 Fast Runner businesses in January of 2022.

Guide the Fast Runner Journey
You are the main point of contact for Fast Runners and will guide their experience deploying Bpeace proprietary tools, frameworks and methodologies to ensure they remain engaged and invigorated. Your role is crucial to defining their success.

You will need to quickly become familiar with each Fast Runner business in your portfolio and be able to facilitate the Bpeace Fast Runner Model of Assess, Recruit and Match.

Specifically, you will:

  • Work directly with each Fast Runner business to implement their G-Files and Business Growth Projects and achieve their business goals.
  • Maintain communication with the Fast Runners to keep up to date on their progress, activities and challenges and build relationships.
  • Work directly with each Fast Runner business to ensure their participation in remote mentoring, Learning Labs and one-on-one consulting sessions with Skillanthropists.
  • Meet, on average, once every six weeks with each Fast Runner remotely.
  • Maintain communication with the Fast Runners to keep up to date on their progress, activities, and challenges.
  • Coordinate Skillanthropist visits to El Salvador–arrange logistics (if 2022 Cohort permits travel). Ensure Traveling Skillanthropists are taken care of and chaperoned when needed.
  • Develop Scopes of Work for remote and in-person engagements. Summarize remote Growth Project engagement and next steps in a Road Map, facilitate follow up.
  • Prepare for investment committee meetings with Fast Runners and other reporting requirements on due dates.
  • Facilitate communication between Skillanthropists and Fast Runners via email and Zoom.
  • Keep Skillanthropists up to date, engaged, and deployed as needed.
  • Coordinate Skillanthropist meetings, zoom calls, develop Scopes of Work, summarize meetings and next steps and facilitate follow up.
  • Update Salesforce Campaigns, Accounts, Contacts, program and volunteer information pertaining to your portfolio of businesses and assist Bpeace program staff with doing the same when needed.

Project Management, Communication and Community Building
Intentional community building and expert project management will drive meaningful Fast Runner and Skillanthropist experiences and program success. You will use your relationship building and project management skills to:

  • Build trust; develop and manage relationships with Fast Runners, among cohort members, and between Fast Runners and Skillanthropists to create a community experience that supports proactive engagement, open dialogue and success.
  • Problem-solve to ensure a smooth and productive experience for your clients.
  • Ensure that Bpeace delivers on all elements of the Maximizer Forward Program, and that we do so on time and with the proper reporting.
  • Provide support to the CPO and program team as needed.
  • Alert Bpeace HQ to Fast Runner problems and opportunities. Help them identify opportunities in the Salvadoran marketplace, and source financing.
  • Travel to Fast Runner place of business based on need, safety and COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Support the Impact Manager in collecting data used to prove our impact and improve our service offering. We are a metrics driven organization.
  • Keep current on the development of current affairs that impact the enterprise ecosystem in Central America and share those insights with the Bpeace team and Skillanthropists.
  • Participate in drafting marketing and communication materials as needed—write Fast Runner profiles, contribute data and news for donor reports and newsletters.
  • Participate in Bpeace staff calls to discuss progress, needs and ideas.
  • Represent and promote Bpeace at networking events. Identify PR opportunities to showcase the Fast Runners and Bpeace’s work in the region.
  • Ensure the Salesforce CRM is regularly updated to include all customer data.
  • Ensure key activities are well documented with photos and video.
  • Monitor program impact by compiling data on employment and income data for Bpeace annual census.


The Deputy Program Manager is an energetic team player who contributes to the collaborative problem solving and creative spark that drives the Bpeace model.

The candidate will deploy Bpeace proprietary processes and tools to maintain efficiency and impact. They must be able to excel while working independently, comfortable with our nimble nature, and commitment to a continuous feedback loop to analyze what’s working or not; adjust and advance.

Experience, Attitude and Skills

  • Business background; 5+ years’ working in private sector or consulting. Experience
    promoting export growth for Salvador firms is preferred.
  • Undergraduate degree in relevant field of study such as business or economics.
  • Familiarity with nonprofits and program management. Experience working with USAID is preferred.
  • Technology savvy; fluency in Microsoft office and Salesforce.
  • Driver’s license and car appropriate to transport international experts when necessary.
  • Project management skills; resourceful, organized, excellent attention to detail.
  • Excels at presenting information and communicating effectively with people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Extremely flexible, with the ability to cope with diverse situations.
  • Fearless (comfortable making cold calls) and persuasive.
  • Appreciation for the role data and metrics play.
  • A wide professional network that can be leveraged to identify and recruit Bpeace Skillanthropists, partners, and donors.
  • Experience working remotely or in virtual setting.
  • When it is safe, ability to travel to visit businesses and other stakeholders.
  • Interest in having a lasting social and economic impact on crisis-affected communities.
  • Exceptional relationship building skills; demonstrated trust building skills, as well as the ability to motivate and inspire.
  • Team-oriented, collaborative self-starter, creative problem solver who responds with ease to changing priorities.
  • Strong sense of adventure, creativity, curiosity, and possibility in pushing forward boundaries in measuring and communicating impact.

With headquarters based in the U.S., Bpeace is a remote organization, no office is provided.


The 12-month contract may be extended or renewed contingent upon funding. Compensation will be negotiated with the candidate who is the right fit.


Submit a resume and cover letter outlining 1) relevant experience, 2) why you are the best candidate for the position. Email to jobs@bpeace.org.