Tim Worthington, plastics manufacturing and engineering specialist, has set foot in over 1,000 mold shops throughout his career but described his experience with Salvadoran plastic mold company Acoopimold as “unique and unparalleled.” Over the last 24 years, Acoopimold, a plastic mold manufacturing cooperative, has developed strong ties to the San Salvadoran community while serving clients in El Salvador and Guatemala.

Acoopimold is partnering with Bpeace in order to better fulfill its commitment to build stronger relationships with its domestic clients and break into the highly competitive international plastic manufacturing market. Tim joined Bpeace’s team of Fast Runner consultants working with Acoopimold to help make that commitment a reality.

In collaboration with Acoopimold’s President Victor Revelo, Sales Manager Jimmy Ramos, and its cooperative members, Tim spent time on the plant’s floor identifying areas of improvement and creating a business plan to enhance the company’s production processes. Tim also held interactive workshops in cutting-edge training in mold production and design practices. During these workshops, Acoopimold’s cooperative members worked together to think and problem solve as a team. As a result of these trainings, Victor and Jimmy are now streamlining Acoopimold’s approach to decision-making and developing tools to more effectively train and empower its workers.

Acoopimold’s sales strategy was also tweaked to better match what Tim described as the “in-your-face” business practices of the company’s competitors. With Tim’s guidance, the company is now implementing a plan to fill orders more efficiently and integrate professional assertiveness with the courtesy and openness already deeply engrained in Salvadoran business culture.

Only a month after Tim’s visit, Acoopimold is seeing positive change. The management team is now holding weekly meetings to foster accountability and its production staff is receiving daily work objectives from plant supervisors. The results are impressive: its on-time product delivery rate is nearly perfect and the company’s internal communications continue to rapidly improve, a testament to what Tim identified as “the unparalleled nature of the company.”

Back on the ground in California, Tim reflected on his visit remarking, “I approached this opportunity with an open mind but was still amazed at how much grace and humility I was met with.” The hospitality of Acoopimold’s staff overwhelmed both Tim and his luggage, as the gifts he was given over the course of the trip required him to purchase an additional suitcase! Despite reconsidering his packing habits, Tim is enthusiastic about building relationships with both Acoopimold and Bpeace. “I look forward to continuing my work with Acoopimold and I encourage Victor and Jimmy to utilize me as an equal partner and as an Advocate.”