How refreshed we still looked on our last day in Rwanda with Richard and Monique Schmidt of the Akilah Institute for Women.

About 8 hours later, as Donna, Fran and I sat at the Starbucks at the Brussels airport we knew we were closer to home. We brainstormed, of course Fran and I took the Brooklyn approach and Donna, as she has done throughout the mission, was the voice of reason who captured our energy and told us what we were saying in a manner that was calming. There's a special place in heaven for Donna with Fran and I on the loose.

We used the time to discuss Bpeace's future in Rwanda.

We realized that Bpeace has seeded a lot of human capital in Rwanda. Richard consults and Susan has a job that leverages their Bpeace experience. Our first group of Fast Runners have created jobs and formed their own networking group, and there is that amazing Business Club formed by applicants to the Bpeace Race to Innovation.

As we look to the future, and Bpeace's desire to leave as much on the ground as possible--is there a way to advance the Business Club as future Fast Runners and stay true to our vision to create jobs? Is there a way to assist the graduated Fast Runners network? They have been maintaining and sharing the Bpeace Brand by instinctively creating a "Bpeace Family" as they call themselves.

Donna, Fran and I are now in our seats on the plane going in various directions and still sending each other "love ya letters"

Thanks for all of your support.