Dalia is a self-made woman. She put herself through college, then worked in advertising and at a large printing company. In 2010, she launched InHouse Print, providing offset and digital printing for corporate clients. After an initial period of strong growth, InHouse Print reached a plateau.

Enter Bpeace. We diagnosed Dalia's growth barriers and matched her with business volunteers willing to share their expertise as Skillanthropists. Angela Scalpello worked with Dalia to develop and implement an HR program that clarified roles and responsibilities and raised expectations for employees, while still maintaining Dalia's commitment to "nice" in the workplace.

Skillanthropist Karen Vander Linde helped Dalia develop a sales strategy targeted to individual clients. And Skillanthropist Bruce Dougan worked with Dalia to validate and fine-tune her production processes, giving her confidence and increased efficiency.

InHouse Print has increased the number of employees by 107%, and increased production capacity by 300% while also increasing quality. And Dalia is paying it forward as a member of the Bpeace Alumni Network where she shares best practices with other Salvadoran business owners.