Outstanding business people who invest their time and skills.

Bpeace honors outstanding members with our annual VERAs (Volunteer Excellence Recognition Awards). In November 2013 we recognized 48 members for their remarkable efforts.

In New York each November, Bpeace’s Annual Meeting brings members together to celebrate their achievements.

Bpeacers from Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, travel to convene with their east coast Bpeace colleagues, meeting many of them for the first time, even though they may have been collaborating with them for months.

The Annual Bpeace VERAs (Volunteer Excellence Recognition Awards) give a nod to Bpeace’s most exceptional members.

Extreme Bpeacer 3.0

Winner of our first Extreme Bpeacer award in 2010, and an Extreme Bpeacer 2.0 in 2011, Donna Fleetwood (Harrisburg, PA) demonstrated her passion and commitment by co-mentoring Afghan Kitchen Kween Latifa, traveling to El Salvador to help shape our Fast Runners into a cohesive networking group, coaching Fast Runner Acoopimold on management issues, co-authoring a Bpeace Sales Growth Guide for our Salvadorans and Guatemalans, and riding in Bpeace’s 4th annual Pedal for Peace.

Extreme Bpeacer 2.0

Gita Patel (New Brunswick, NJ) traveled to Guatemala to help with our pre-launch due-diligence process, where she met and introduced us to Gaby, our first Fast Runner in that country. Gita mentored Gaby through her application to the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (Gaby won and received $20,000 in prize money to expand her business). She also mentored tourism Fast Runner Gull in Afghanistan.

David Montieth’s (Ridgefield, CT) 2013 Bpeace achievements crossed many industries and two countries. David traveled with Afghan solar-panel manufacturer Nasrat, Afghan technology Fast Runner Jamshid, and Salvadoran call center Fast Runner Claudia to ensure they extracted the maximum value from their U.S. Host Company experiences. He also helped improve the capacity of Afghan DOSTI soccer ball makers Taj and Aziza, and was a traveling HR mentor to several Salvadoran Fast Runners.


The track record of achievement by PricewaterhouseCoopers volunteers keeps growing, with 11 PwCers winning VERAs this year.

Rachael Rho (New York, NY) led the first PwC corporate team in this year’s Pedal for Peace.

Joe Castor (Dyer, IN) is part of a team creating an Excel-based payroll database for the small and midsize Afghan Fast Runners, and also rode in Pedal for Peace.

Drew Crail (Chicago, IL) led two teams of PwCers that included Aaron Hans (Chicago, IL), Barry McCardel (Chicago, IL), Jack Kapaun (Seattle, WA), Joe Castor (Dyer, IN) and Josh McLane (Chicago, IL), Jon Glick (Deerfield, IL), Lauren Leland (New York, NY) and Kieran Shanahan (Chicago, IL). One team developed an international expansion strategy for a Web design firm in San Salvador. The second analyzed Bpeace’s volunteer model and suggested strategic changes that will help us grow.

Sachal Lakhavani (New York, NY) advised Afghan technology Fast Runner Jamshid, introduced us to Drew Crail and his teams (see above) and rode in Pedal for Peace.


This year’s Traveling Mentors each spent one to two weeks working side by side with our Fast Runners at their places of business.

El Salvador

Vicky Cox (New York, NY) and Shankar Lakhavani (Oakdale, PA) both shared their lean manufacturing expertise — Vicky at commercial printer Inverprint, food processor Alimentos Lupita, and shoe manufacturer Grupo GW, and Shankar, along with strategist Kimberly Smithson-Abel (Lakeside, TX), at Sevialca, a road construction firm.

Eduardo Flores (Guatemala) joined Bpeace Board Co-chair Kate Buggeln (New York, NY) advising child wear manufacturer Marenco on expansion strategies.

Serial entrepreneur Liz Chanmugham (Boston, MA) and retail/fashion strategist Ken Hewes (Columbus, OH) worked with Santa Croce, a manufacturer of fashionable leather handbags.

Susan Heaney (New York, NY) addressed the San Salvador Chamber of Commerce, and met with our Fast Runners to share U.S. corporate social responsibility best practices.

Ice cream and flavors expert Russell Morley (Mississauga, Canada) helped Helados Cremosa formulate some new products.

Phyllis Rosen (Scarsdale, NY) shared HR brand practices with Gesel, a fast-growing call center with 180 employees.

Food service professional Mary Stycos (Brooklyn, NY) advised restaurant Carymar, and Pieraldo Pecchio (Wellington, FL) worked with frozen-food producer Krisspy’s to build distribution.

Veteran CFO Fern Thomas (New York, NY) worked with trash recycler Serpaca on its financials.

Tim Worthington (Sun City West, AZ) utilized his metal molds expertise to solve technical issues at Acoopimold.


Taking a vacation from her job at Estee Lauder, Nazifa Danishgar (Brooklyn, NY) flew to Kabul after working with Bpeace Chief Program Officer Marla Gitterman and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to plan a Bpeace Film Summit for four Fast Runners in the filmmaking and TV industries.


From her position at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Ellen Harrington (Beverly Hills, CA) made critical contributions to the Bpeace Film Summit in Afghanistan and was a significant advisor during the development and launch of the new online film industry marketplace RwandaFilm.org.


This new category acknowledges the wise and ongoing business coaching that experienced professionals Fernando Lopez (Toronto, Canada), Luis Peña (El Paso, TX) and Javier Prado (El Salvador) provided to our Salvadoran Fast Runners.


We recognize the Bpeacers who generously share their expertise and networks with us time and time again.

Mojdeh Barros (Nashua, NH) has advised on many Afghan Fast Runner challenges and refined our outreach to corporate sponsors.

Lending her design talents to many Bpeace projects, this year Sandy DiPasqua (New York, NY) created core materials for the successful Bpeace 10th Anniversary Gala.

Yuan Geng (Evanston, IL), a consultant now studying at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, worked with an Afghan Fast Runner to create an Excel-based database for a large client project.

As specialty foods professional, Janis Grover (Stockton, NJ) has connected us to many food-processing experts, and this year she contributed to the progress of Fast Runner Nasim, who runs 25 processing centers making jams, vegetables and fruits in Herat, Afghanistan, and Luis Enrique, who makes refrigerated items such as salad and sauces in El Salvador.

Jerrie Gullick (Brooklyn, NY) has advised Afghan and Rwandan Fast Runners on how to improve their financial tracking, and also serves pro bono as Bpeace’s virtual CFO.
A film and TV producer, Dana Kuznetzkoff (New York, NY) took part in the final exploratory trip to Guatemala before we officially launched in that country.

Kristi Rogers Knapp (London, UK) contributed to developing tools to help our Afghan Fast Runners track their finances, and to creating the Bpeace Growth Guide, “How to Finance Your Growing Business.”

Karen Vander Linde (Bethesda, MD) traveled to Guatemala during our pre-launch due-diligence process and helped shape the messaging for our entry there.

Occupational therapist and inventor Paula Wilbert (Dennis, MA) co-mentored Afghan Fast Runner Latifa, whose Kitchen Kween company manufacturers kitchen shelving.

Now based in Kuwait with the U.S. Army Reserve, Teresa Wolfgang (Collegeville, PA) advised Afghan technology Fast Runner Jamshid and is exploring whether Tajikistan might be a natural extension of our work in Afghanistan.


Palwasha Siddiqi (New York, NY) raised $20,000 during the Bpeace 10th Anniversary Gala by offering to cook authentic Afghan dinners.

Using her leverage at United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU), Ayanna Gabriel (Brooklyn, NY) brought in a sponsorship for the Gala and a grant for our launch in Guatemala.


Chairing the Young Professionals Leadership Council, Fahima Ahad (Woodside, NY) steered and re-energized a group of passionate young Bpeacers, resulting in a series of successful events.

Jordan Browning (Princeton Junction, NJ) found creative ways to shape Young Professionals events, on a limited budget, with maximum impact.

Enrica Maffucci (Brooklyn, NY) handled a range of tasks in this year’s Pedal for Peace, from marking the route to expediting bike rentals.

Focused on the Pedal for Peace fundraising goal, Jamie Mittelman (New York, NY) also developed a line of sight that motivated the team to get there.

Volunteer Excellence Award Winners


Mojdeh Barros, Nashua, NJ

Carmen Barros, New York, NY

Ann Callison, New York, NY

Kara Castagna, Brooklyn, NY

Neil Charran, Stamford, CT

Loretta Davis, Tuxedo Park, NY

Cynthia Fisher, North Anson, ME

Donna Fleetwood, Harrisburg, PA

Ayanna Gabriel, Middletown, NY

Yuan Geng, Evanston, IL

Elizabeth Ghormley, Brooklyn, NY

Janis Grover, Stockton, NJ

Jerrie Gullick, Brooklyn, NY

Johnna Hobgood, Woodinville, WA

Kelly Kaplan, Upper Montclair, NJ

Peter Laird, Singerlands, NY

Jonathan Liljegren, Vienna, VA

Pam Massenburg, Old Bridge, NJ

David Montieth, Ridgefield, CT

Meave Murphy, Astoria, NY

Gita Patel, New Brunswick, NJ

Aliana Pineiro, Sunnyside, NJ

Liz Pulver, Brooklyn, NY

Sabra Richardson, Brooklyn, NY

Phyllis Rosen, Scarsdale, NY

Laura Rotter, White Plains, NY

Karen Vander Linde, Bethesda, MD

Carole Vaporean, Allentown, PA

Pam Varkony, Allentown, PA

Liz Wald, New York, NY


Cheri Anderson, Brooklyn, NY

Mojdeh Barros, Nashua, NH

Allie Bartolino, Astoria, NY

Kara Castagna, Brooklyn, NY

Jayne Cravens, Canby, OR

David Derrick, New York, NY

Lisa Dubin, New York, NY

Donna Fleetwood, Mechanicsburg, PA

Elizabeth Ghormley, Brooklyn, NY

Mara Grbenick, Brooklyn, NY

Monica Hinojos, Groton, MA

Johnna Hobgood, Woodinville, WA

Teri Leavens, Chevy Chase, MD

Fran Pastore, Stamford, CT

Gita Patel, New Brunswick, NJ

Janice Pedley, New York, NY

Aliana Pineiro, Tena, Ecuador

Khatera Sahibzada, Moorpark, CA

Peri Soldati, Westfield, NJ

Carole Vaporean, Mount Vernon, NY


Allie Bartolino, New York, NY

Karoline Barwinski, New York, NY

Rachel Boehm, Houston, TX

Barbara Bylenga, Burlingame, CA

Michelle Cote, West Hartford, CT

Aamna Farooq, Brooklyn, NY

Cynthia Fisher, North Anson, ME

Nigel Jones, Brooklyn, NY

Steve Kulovits, Nyack, NY

Katherine Malone, North Anson, ME

Aliana Pineiro, Sunnyside, NY

Liz Pulver, Brooklyn, NY

Rachael Rho, New York, NY

Kristi Rogers, Prague, Czech Republic

Phyllis Rosen, Scarsdale, NY

Sarah Ryan, Jersey City, NJ


Diann Boehm, Houston, TX

Kirsten Bunch, Weehawken, NJ

Barbara Bylenga, Burlingame, CA

Jessica Chock-Goldman, Brooklyn, NY

Emily Christner, New York, NY

Michelle Cote, West Hartford, CT

Lisa Dubin, New York, NY

Emal Dusst, Evanston, IL

Debbie Farah, Orlando, FL

Aamna Farooq, Brooklyn, NY

Rob Farrior, New York, NY

Laura Fedoryk, Bedminster, NJ

Cynthia Fisher, North Anson, ME

Carol Galanty, East Quogue, NY

Susan Geear, Seattle, WA

Sylvia Golbin, Saddle River, NJ

Ananda Grant, New York, NY

Mara Grbenick, Brooklyn, NY

Marie Greener, New York, NY

Sherry Harris, Las Vegas, NV

Melissa Ivie, Vero Beach, FL

Dana Kuznetzkoff, New York, NY

Steve Lawrence, New Hartford, NY

Paula Lerner, Belmont, MA

Peter Lien, Philadelphia, PA

Michele Lindsay, Tuxedo Park, NY

Robin Love, Tewksbury, NJ

Ellen Lubin-Sherman, Short Hills, NJ

Ray Maloney, Water Mill, NY

Sandi Mason, Murrysville, PA

Pamela Massenburg, Old Bridge, NJ

Heather Metcalfe, Brooklyn, NY

Wendy Miller, New York, NY

Sonali Palkhiwala, New York, NY

Ladan Pazhouhandeh, Washington, DC

Susan Retik, Needham, MA

Christina Rodriguez, Oakland, CA

Kristi Rogers, Prague, Czech Republic

Delilah Rothenberg, New York, NY

Khatera Sahibzada, Moorpark, CA

Alix Samuelson, New York, NY

Monica Sanz, Jersey City, NJ

Wendy Summer, Warren, CT

Carole Vaporean, Mount Vernon, NY

Pamela Varkony, Allentown, PA

Gail Wasserman, Brooklyn, NY

Doris Weil, New York, NY

Christine Wilkins, Tempe, AZ

Debbie Zalesne, New York, NY


Rebecca Brackman, Mill Valley, CA

Carol Fallon, Somers, NY

Cynthia Fisher, North Anson, ME

Selma Jackson, Brooklyn, NY

Tatyana Kovalevsky, Rego Park, NY

Steve Kulovits, Nyack, NY

Khatera Sahibzada, Moorpark, CA

Kelly Van Gogh, Miami Beach, FL


Lauren Bean, Frankfort, IL

Michelle Boquiren, New York, NY

Loretta Davis, Tuxedo Park, NY

Ayanna Gabriel, Middletown, NY

Rachel Golden, Evanston, IL

Paula Lerner, Belmont, MA

Sandi Mason, Murrysville, PA

Pamela Massenburg, Old Bridge, NJ

Kate Meth, Nanuet, NY

Ladan Pazhouhandeh, Washington, DC

Jim Reitzig, New York, NY

Sabra Richardson, Brooklyn, NY

Wendy Summer, Warren, CT

Pamela Varkony, Allentown, PA


Gwendy Feldman, New York, NY

Sylvia Golbin, Saddle River, NJ

Golde Kantor, Forest Hiils, NY

Athena Katsaros, San Anselmo, CA

Dana Kuznetzkoff, New York, NY

Ellen Lubin Sherman, Short Hills, NJ