Join our Clinton Global Initiative commitment.
Harness CGI to Achieve Your CSR Goals

We identify the best and brightest entrepreneurs who are in the best position to create jobs for others. Rangina in the CGI video above, is just one of them. Your skill-based volunteers can coach Fast Runners like her to success.

As part of Bpeace's invitation to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), we made a commitment to One Million Jobs for Peace. New partnerships among Bpeace and corporations will provide business skills to Fast Runner entrepreneurs in conflict-affected countries including Afghanistan, Rwanda and El Salvador.

Many corporate CSR programs share a vision with CGI and Bpeace — economic empowerment, measurable impact, and aligning people with sources and skills. This new CGI commitment provides corporations with a turn-key program that involves your employees in meaningful volunteer and team-based activity. They will bring best business practices of the developed world to the developing world, often without ever leaving their desks.

During the ramp-up phase, Bpeace commits to identify 100 entrepreneurs and through our ground staff, connect them with employee skill-based volunteers from participating corporations. Over the first three years, One Million Jobs for Peace will support 6,000-8,000 Afghans, Rwandans and Salvadorean family members through 1,000 jobs sustained by 100 small growing businesses. These countries may not be high on your radar screen now, but your organization will gain market intelligence on business trends and key players in frontier emerging economies and a unique cultural exchange opening doors to new ways of thinking and innovation.

Bpeace has built a reputation for making it possible for corporations to engage with our work immediately, simply, and with meaningful impact. Let's discuss how you can:

  • Deploy your staff as skill-based volunteers to consult with entrepreneurs virtually, or in-person both in the U.S. and in the field, in areas including finance, customer service, sales and marketing, HR, management, and industry-specific technical advisory.
  • Provide financial support to Bpeace to drive this program.

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