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What I learned teaching others

Spending time in El Salvador as a Bpeace Traveling Mentor, I had the opportunity to work with six such sustainable businesses and their hard-working leaders. My role was to help them understand how to develop programs, practices and work environments that create engaged employees and, in turn, engaged teams.  As is often the case, the student teaches the teacher instead of the other way around, and I came away with 10 inspiring lessons and reminders.

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Back in action: A productive return to El Salvador

I couldn’t help but grab my camera when my plane began flying over the lush, green countryside of El Salvador.  My last visit was during the dry season and while it was still very beautiful it was now so much greener than before.  I was happy to be returning, especially since the two Fast Runners I would be visiting had requested help in Human Resources. Having retired three years ago after a 40-year career in HR, I looked forward to sharing my experience with these younger, high potential entrepreneurs. The jobs they create will help bring peace to gang-torn El Salvador.

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Riding with purpose at Pedal for Peace 2014

The 5th Annual Pedal for Peace was held on Saturday, September 27th, 2014 and was a huge success.  Thank you to the 50 riders, 20 volunteers and five sponsors who made this beautiful day in the Berkshires possible.  The team rode a collective 1,660 miles.  As of September 30th, they have raised $33,000 and still hope to reach $40,000 before their fundraising is through.

Alka Sadat: Empowering women in Afghanistan through film

Female Afghan filmmaker and Bpeace Fast Runner Alka Sadat.

The statistics on women and girls in Afghanistan are appalling. Only 21% of girls complete primary education, less than 13% are literate and the country’s maternal mortality rate is one of the highest in the world. Despite a new constitution, adopted in 2004, which recognizes women as equal citizens under the law, for most women in Afghanistan, little has changed since the days of the Taliban. In many parts of the country, women and girls are too often victims of violence, with few prospects for a brighter future. Yet, in between all the dark statistics there is humanity and there are exceptions. Talking with Alka Sadat, I found both. Here is her story.

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When was the last time you did your work simply for the joy of it?

When I got there on the first day of the workshop I started my introduction by saying “let me tell you why I chose to spend my vacation with you…” I made this trip because I saw this project as completely connected to my personal mission: finding often-surprising solutions to leadership and relationship challenges. I was doing it simply for the joy of doing something I love. It had nothing to do with keeping up reputations, expanding business, or even getting paid for anything. I didn’t put myself under any pressure for the project to go a particular way, I simply wanted to be of service in the way I know how.

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I’m no action hero, but I felt like one with Bpeace in El Salvador

GLG, the world’s largest membership for professional learning and expertise, asked me to be a Traveling Mentor for Bpeace, spending a week in El Salvador working with the owners of Los Trillizos bakery; a struggling, but fast-growing start-up. Bpeace’s mission is to help entrepreneurs in conflict-affected countries expand their businesses and create employment. They, and now I too, believe: More jobs mean less violence.

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U.S. Companies share their expertise for Bpeace Executive Business Exchange

The 13 Central American business owners (nine Salvadorans and four Guatemalans) had no idea just how favorably the next month would impact their businesses, when they landed in New York at midnight on May 9, 2014.  These business owners or Fast Runners, as Bpeace calls them, were eager to begin their Bpeace Executive Business Exchange; a U.S. State Department sponsored corporate entrepreneurship exchange program designed to promote innovation, leadership, diversity and global awareness.  A month long whirlwind of learning, traveling and growing, the Fast Runners visited nearly 40 U.S. Host Companies in over 20 cities.

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