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On a cool, sunny evening 13 Rwandan Fast Runners attended their “Onward and Upward” ceremony after three years in the Bpeace program. Joining in the celebration were Bpeace program manager Richard Niewnshuti, Bpeace Members Sarah Ryan and ,Annie Balocating, Dr. Shirley Randell, Fina Bank’s Remy Muneza and Edwina Sagito (Public

Relations office, US embassy).

Through speeches and messages, it was clear that the Fast Runners were not the only ones graduating that night. Bpeace members too have learned and grown throughout the course of the program. One key phrase written by Bpeace Board Directors Kate Buggeln and Sabra Richardson resonated with the Rwandans: “And through it all while we have learned so much about business, I think the greater lessons were about each other and our shared humanity.”

Bpeace members and Fast Runners share a common goal, “to make Rwanda better for future generations.” Dr. Randell offered two ways this goal could be met. Continue to setting the example of gender balance, and mentoring others in the community through the soon to open Centre for Cultural Exchange and Mentoring and the already active University Women Club.

As the night wore on, somewhere between the handing out of certificates and clocks, and the eating of dinner, the Fast Runners spoke with Richard about the volunteer spirit that they learned from Bpeace. In the words of one graduate, Pierrete, “After all these people found us, we didn't find them and all they did, and they never expected returns. It was a gift from God to meet Bpeace in our life time”.

Bpeace remains committed to these Fast Runners and they too remain committed to Bpeace. At the end of the evening, speaking on behalf of the entire group, Console said each and ever one will be do whatever it takes to make the Bpeace program benefit others.

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