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Ashley Harden and Ann-Elise Francis have taken two weeks off from their jobs at the Council on Foreign Relations to find out.  They arrive in Rwanda today and will be interviewing filmmakers, producers and distributors to determine whether Bpeace's brand of business skills coaching can help accelerate the growth of the industry.

Bpeace was brought into this opportunity by Leah Warshawski, Executive Producer of the U.S.-based Inflatable Film, who is producing a feature length documentary: "Film Festival Rwanda" (working title), currently in post-production.  Leah wants to help the budding Rwandan filmmakers she met build their businesses.

Serendipitously, Ashley and Ann-Elise had contacted Bpeace inquiring if they could be of assist to our work in Rwanda this summer.  We took an opportunity from column 1 with another in column 2 and ta da:  the Bpeace Rwanda Film First project begins.

Laurie Chock, Bpeace Board member and documentary filmmaker, and Bpeace's Chief Program Officer Marla Gitterman helped prepare Ashley and Ann Elise for their fact-finding expedition.  Upon their return, we'll decide if Bpeace will move ahead with this project and how to involve more Bpeacers.

Ashely and Ann-Elise will be posting on Twitter: @aeharden and @aefrancis87.


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