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Central America

Using Your Experience to Serve Others Is Inspiring All Around: Yvette Franco

belleza cover   Yvette Franco (left) with Carmen Reyes (right), founder of Belleza Total in Guatemala

Seizing an opportunity to share your skills, talents and knowledge with those who can benefit from them is a rewarding and precious experience. Yvette Franco, a Bpeace volunteer who traveled to Guatemala to meet with and mentor local entrepreneurs, can attest to all the above. On a personal mission to build peace in a conflict-affected area, Yvette was delighted to work on a project she knew could help more people, particularly women, understand and employ entrepreneurship to create jobs. A former marketing executive with the well-known beauty company Mary Kay, Yvette’s specific skills and experience were immediately put to effective use.

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Virtual Mentoring: For Janice Chaka, it’s as real as being there

17528637781 379e657304 zPhoto: Karina’s employees hard at work.

 Volunteering within a busy schedule: It can be done

Before Janice Chaka dealt hands in British casinos, before she moved from her native England to Mexico, and before she launched JC Global Services (an HR consulting company), she was finding ways to give back through various charity and volunteer organizations.

Now that Janice travels nine months of the year for work, her schedule doesn't leave a lot of time to lend a hand. So on January 1, 2014, she applied to three different charity organizations as a volunteer, determined to find a cause that could make use of her HR and consulting skills—and also fit into her busy life. A day later, she received a personal response from Lauren Hass at Bpeace and, as she puts it, "I was on board before the onboarding call!"

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Bpeace 2015 Gala


On a May evening at Capitale in downtown Manhattan, more than 225 dedicated Bpeace operatives and friends convened for the Secret Agent for Bpeace Gala.  From the first pour of a Bpeace-tini, the evening revealed an agenda of fun and inspiration that opened with a cocktail hour silent auction. Using state-of-the-art mobile bidding software, guests made offers on such items as a stay in Deer Valley, a new Stuart Weitzman shoe wardrobe and tickets to and a backstage tour of Broadway’s award-winning show Kinky Boots.

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The Emotional Significance of Brands


Building brand strategies to connect with customers

“They must have thought I was crazy,” says Diego Darquea C., a branding and product development expert at E. & J. Gallo Winery, about his recent work with four Bpeace Fast Runners as a Traveling Mentor. “They probably wondered why I was asking these existential questions about their brands.” But by the time Diego and the Central American business owners had built brand architectures together, “they all saw the critical importance of having a clear emotional, functional and social connection with their consumers,” he says. “Now they understand.”

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Embracing Technical Change Paves the Way to Transformation in Guatemala


A growing digital company needs new ways of working

As a rapidly growing mobile and Web development company, Guatemala-based MilknCookies produces content and Web/mobile applications for its customers in Latin America, Europe and the U.S. But as the firm’s reputation and client base have grown, its traditional waterfall approach to project management and product development was not maximizing results at scale.

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