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Pedal for Peace

Riding with purpose at Pedal for Peace 2014

The 5th Annual Pedal for Peace was held on Saturday, September 27th, 2014 and was a huge success.  Thank you to the 50 riders, 20 volunteers and five sponsors who made this beautiful day in the Berkshires possible.  The team rode a collective 1,660 miles.  As of September 30th, they have raised $33,000 and still hope to reach $40,000 before their fundraising is through.

Pedal for Peace: What does it mean to you?

Mary Ciampa, Bpeace Board Director and Pedal for Peace Co-Chair (left), and Luis Enrique, Bepeace Fast Runner and Production Manager of Alimentos Lupita (right), cycling.

Cycling means something different for everyone. For me, pedaling on my bike means freedom. As soon as I mount my bike, clip my shoes into my pedals and start moving, I am free and alive. I bike across the land to wherever my bike will lead me. I am free to travel to wherever my [...]

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