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Alka Sadat: Empowering women in Afghanistan through film

Female Afghan filmmaker and Bpeace Fast Runner Alka Sadat.

The statistics on women and girls in Afghanistan are appalling. Only 21% of girls complete primary education, less than 13% are literate and the country’s maternal mortality rate is one of the highest in the world. Despite a new constitution, adopted in 2004, which recognizes women as equal citizens under the law, for most women in Afghanistan, little has changed since the days of the Taliban. In many parts of the country, women and girls are too often victims of violence, with few prospects for a brighter future. Yet, in between all the dark statistics there is humanity and there are exceptions. Talking with Alka Sadat, I found both. Here is her story.

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Involve your staff with a great Host Company experience

Nasim from Afghanistan works the pickle line at Brooklyn Brine.Nasim from Afghanistan works the pickle line at Brooklyn Brine.

Bpeace has worked with many Host Companies over the years including PwC, NBC Universal, Etsy, Bumble & bumble, Ritz-Carlton Hotels and 100 more. Here are their tips on how to create a satisfying experience for their staff and for the visiting entrepreneur and business owner. 

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Five Fast Runners "graduate" in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

From left, Haji, Nasrat, Balki (Bpeace staffer), Zabi, Azimi, Tahera, Zarghuna, and Gulbahar.From left, Haji, Nasrat, Balki (Bpeace staffer), Zabi, Azimi, Tahera, Zarghuna, and Gulbahar.

In September 2013, Bpeace "graduated" five Afghan Fast Runners from Mazar-i-Sharif (we also work with Fast Runners in Kabul and Herat).  Over three years, some Mazar Fast Runners have prospered and grown employment, others shifted career paths, all dealt with serious family and business issues and stayed engaged with Bpeace. 

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From the Oscars to Carnegie Hall, Afghans showcase their talents


Afghanistan is everywhere you look – and not in the way you would expect. From Carnegie Hall and The Daily Show to the Oscars and the Grammy’s, Afghan artists and opinion-leaders are suddenly high profile. They are showcasing the best of their country through arts, culture and sports. The Afghans and Afghan Americans amongst the Bpeace membership offer their insights on why they believe their country is on a roll.

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Kabul Fast Runners past and present convene

Fast RunnersOnce a year, Bpeace hosts a reunion for all of the past and present Fast Runners in Kabul. Country Director, Soraya Omar, held the annual gathering for 21 business owners from the class of 2004, 2007, and the most recent class that started in 2010. For the first time there were two male Fast Runners among them.

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