Bpeace Partners

Corporations, governments, academics, trade associations and not-for-profits.
Bpeace develops relationships and strategic partnerships with world-class institutions and organizations. In the wake of conflict, together we help fast running entrepreneurs run quicker and bolder.

The Office of Citizen Exchanges of the U.S. Department of State has provided us with four grants for our Afghan program.

The USAID Municipal Competitiveness program provides us with office space and introduction to entrepreneurs in El Salvador.

Citibank and Citi Foundation provided the launch capital for our entry into El Salvador.

Among participants from 60 countries, Bpeace represented the U.S. at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship.

We made our One Million Jobs for Peace commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative.

We are proud members of ANDE—the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs.

The U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy (USCCD) selected Bpeace as a top program of the Business Task Force.

Many of the Afghan women in our Fast Runner program have also benefitted from immersion in Thunderbird University’s Project Artemis in Phoenix, Arizona and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program.

The growing list of partners helping to bring the Dosti brand Afghan soccer balls to the U.S. include: Beyond the 11th Foundation, LeadDog Marketing and Global Goods Partners.

Inflatable Film and Bpeace are helping accelerate the growth of the Rwanda Film Insudtry.

Three Graces Production partnered with Bpeace in the creation and distribution of the documentary, "THREAD."

Blue Marble Ice Cream of Brooklyn invited Bpeace to share their dream of creating employment in Butare, Rwanda with the community's first ice cream shop.  

LIRO Films counts Bpeace as as partner in the distribution of their documentary "Sweet Dreams."

Haymarket Media, Lucid Design, Mucca Design, Sean Mellyn, Oberon Creative, Oyster Studio, and Pause for Thought design logo and brand materials for the businesses of our Salvadoran, Afghan and Rwandan Fast Runner entrepreneurs.

Cooper & Dunham LLP, Sutherland and PR Newswire provide pro-bono services to help Bpeace keep our operating costs low.

Microsoft, Credit Suisse, Clearbridge Advisors, Coach, Thomson Reuters and United Business Media provide financial support to Bpeace to recognize the role their employees play as Bpeace volunteers.

1st Avenue Machine created the Bpeace purpose video.

When security issues prevent Traveling Mentors from visiting Afghanistan, Dubai Women's College provides a safe haven for Afghan Fast Runners and U.S. experts to meet-up for training and coaching.