What Are Fast Runners?

Remarkable entrepreneurs in the best position to create jobs for others.
Talent Is Key

Through an intense competitive search process in each community, Bpeace selects motivated entrepreneurs with the business acumen to grow their businesses quickly and sustainably.

We call these people Fast Runners.

Their small growing businesses (SGBs) are critical to creating employment for women and men and are the bridge to education, poverty reduction, improved health, and ultimately less violence.

The Bpeace Fast Runner program partners these intuitive businesspeople with Bpeace members who share their skills and knowledge. These volunteer business professionals and the Bpeace in-country staff, help Fast Runners grow their businesses quickly and sustainably through a proven process of individualized training, consultation, and advocacy.

The Fast Runner experience lasts three years – an unprecedented length of time in the nonprofit world. During that time, many Bpeace members travel to work with them side-by-side. Fast Runners also come to the U.S. to apprentice at American firms.

The scalable outcomes Fast Runners produce in their communities are well beyond the level of micro-finance, but typically under the radar of international investors. Bpeace steps in to prepare the top 10% of Fast Runners to be investment ready and makes introductions to facilitate strategic partnerships.

We significantly invest in them because when successful, the employment these Fast Runners generate sparks a multiplier effect that sustains thousands of families and boosts local purchasing power, which in turn lifts other businesses, creates even more employment, opens new markets and accelerates the community up the path to prosperity and peace.

But it’s hardly all business – we know our Fast Runners very well after three years. We are invited to their weddings, we know their families, and they send us photos of their children.