About Us

We accelerate the pace of job creation in conflict-affected communities.

Bpeace is "one impressive force for change."

— Nicholas Kristof, New York Times. October 23, 2010


What is a Fast Runner?

Fast Runners are remarkable entrepreneurs from conflict-affected countries like Afghanistan, El Salvador and Rwanda. They have been in business for at least a year, employ more than 10 people, and demonstrate the intuitive business sense, and the desire, to aggressively grow their businesses. Most importantly, they share a vision that employment, and the economic empowerment of women, is the bridge to better education, less poverty, improved health, and, ultimately, less violence.

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Bpeace is a non-profit network of business professionals. We volunteer skills to entrepreneurs in conflict-affected countries to help them create significant employment for all, and expand the economic power of women. Put simply:

More jobs mean less violence

Our goal is to create one million jobs across 1,000 communities. Every one of those jobs, entrepreneurs, and communities becomes a beacon of hope. In each community these businesspeople become role models and strong voices for peace.


The jobs that Fast Runners create have a multiplier effect – those jobs sustain thousands of families, boost local purchasing power, and in turn, strengthen other local businesses. This cycle of employment sets a once troubled community on the path to prosperity and peace.

The Bpeace Clinton Global Initiative Commitment

One Million Jobs is a new partnership among Bpeace and corporations to provide business acumen and access to expansion capital to entrepreneurs in conflict-affected countries including Afghanistan, Rwanda and El Salvador.

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